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Biological recording

Biological recording is essentially the same thing as watching wildlife, except that you also make a record of what you see. Many people enjoy taking part in some form of biological recording, and for some it can become an obsession! But it's a healthy obsession, keeping your mind and body active, taking you to see fantastic places and putting you in touch with some great people. For some examples of just how far you can take wildlife recording see Mark Telfer's 'listing' page!

The pages here provide information, links and downloads relating to biological recording, based on the course "Putting wildlife on the map" that I've led for the Field Studies Council and others. (Click here for other courses I'm running.)

“You go to look for lichens and find in addition familiarity, beauty, companionship, laughter and the warmth of friends.”

Oliver Gilbert, The Lichen Hunters, 2004