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This is the old version of kitenet, the website of Martin C. Harvey. The contents of this site are (very slowly!) beiong moved to a new home:

Details of the training workshops I'm leading in 2017 are on the new site.

For now you can still find information here about:

Downloadable resources from my training workshops on butterflies, moths and other invertebrates.

Putting wildlife on the map - biological recording resources

I've been working with BSBI to produce some training videos showing how to do lots of things in MapMate: BSBI MapMate support

Query for exporting data from MapMate to Google Earth (via Bedfordshire Natural History Society)

Other Resources for MapMate (species recording database)

New on this site:

  • Information on using pheromones to attract clearwing moths Looking ahead a little, the season for attracting clearwing moths to pheromone lures starts again in May. Clearwings are beautiful moths that mimic wasps and other insects in amazing ways ...
    Posted 24 Mar 2016, 14:45 by Martin Harvey
  • Training courses in 2016 A busy programme of wildlife courses for 2016 kicks off on 14 May with a moth course for Field Studies Council at Bushey Park in west London - a surprisingly wildlife ...
    Posted 24 Mar 2016, 14:21 by Martin Harvey
  • Updates to tools for grid references and mapping This weekend I'm running a course on "Technology for mapping wildlife" for the Box Wood Project at the Chilterns Conservation Board, and as part of this I've updated ...
    Posted 12 Sept 2014, 12:21 by Martin Harvey
  • Guide to surveying wildlife in the Chilterns My guide to Surveying wildlife in the Chilterns is now available to download from the Chilterns Conservation Board. It provides an introduction to site-based wildlife surveys across many species ...
    Posted 16 Jul 2014, 15:25 by Martin Harvey
  • Today's updates Details of my training courses for 2014 are now available. And two new MapMate queries have been added: one to show your 'best recording day' (the day you've recorded ...
    Posted 20 Nov 2013, 14:42 by Martin Harvey
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Guide to surveying wildlife in the Chilterns

My Guide to Surveying wildlife in the Chilterns is now available to download 
from the Chilterns Conservation Board