Site Updates

This page archives the postings of site updates so as to not overflow the main page.

Late Night Update!

Fucking Valentine has been scanlated in the Barjona Bombers section. Be sure to read and leave a comment!

Black Noto beats up Homare has been scanlated! Look for it in the PURE section and be sure to thank the scanlater for their hard work!

UPDATE: Homare's Rabbit has also been scanlated in the Barjona Bombers section.

A Bubutan Strip has been scanlated starring Himaruya and his bunny. Go check it out!

Check out the Misc. Section - The Alpaca comic has been scanlated!

Somewhere kiseki has the urge to do a cartwheel and she has no idea why.

Added the raws for Black Noto captures Homare.

An update of substance!

The Life in NYC comic has been scanlated! Go check it out and thank the scanlaters for their hard work!

So I've been pretty terrible at posting updates lately. Sorry about that. I hope to get better at it. In the meantime, Himaruya has posted some shiny new site buttons for Hetalia, Barjona Bombers, and Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club, and I added a shoutbox to the site because I felt like it. So say hi or tell me how much I fail at updating! :la:


Happy New Year Everyone! I apologize for not sticking to my word as much as I'd hoped, I've been alternative sick and away the past week.

In celebration of the new year, there's a new scanlation of a New Years comic from a few years back up in the Barjona Bombers section, along with a few more links to Raws. Be sure to leave a comment on the Livejournal post!


The Raws Index has been updated with a couple of more Kitakou PURE comics. Sorry the updates have been so inconsistent. I'm off school now though so hopefully I'll get the rest of the raws up over break.

A few updates to the raws index. Sorry updates have been slow, I've been busy with school.

With the possible exception of some of the Misc/Crossover Strips, all the strips we are aware of are listed (and will be up in the raws index as available in the coming days).

This project is is desperate need of scanlators. I began a Scanlation Claim List over at the kitayumeverse livejournal community and I urge you to help out if you can.


Got a bunch of maintenance done. Added a Misc. Section to "Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club PURE".

Been doing maintanence the past few days. "Shimojirou" and "Untitled NYC Comics" raws are up, and the raws journal is coming along nicely.

I'd also like to advertise the Hetayume Forums - a message board for the Hetalia and Kitayume wikis.

More Raws have been added along with more links and affiliates.

A raws journal has been set up to catalogue all the comics that are no longer hosted on or are hidden on the Kitayume website. Because we sometimes don't have all the pages to a particular comic, what pages we do have will be linked to - and if you happen to have any more we'd greatly appreciate them. The raws index is not yet complete, so keep an eye out for more raws as they are added to the site.

Update: Seems I missed that the "Chibi-san Date" webcomic was scanlated a while back. The links for that page are now up.

Added a scanlation to the "Barjona Bombers" page. Added information to the "Live-A-Live fancomic" and "MoeKan" pages along with what scanlations were available.

Series information has been added to a couple of pages, and I finished linking what's available on the "Barjona Bombers" page.

I'm working on getting a button up for the site, but it may take a bit because I don't have good software to make one with and I will be away this weekend.

Another reminder that we are looking for translators and scanlators to help keep this project going! If you wish to participate please refer to the kitayumeverse livejournal community.

Site Launch. Still a lot of construction needed to be done. Hopefully this site will be useful in organizing the comics from Kitayume that aren't named Hetalia: Axis Powers. I finished linking whats available on the "Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club" page, and I set up skeletons for the others.

If you haven't already,  join the kitayumeverse livejournal community, which has a lot more goodies than this site does so far. We're looking for content and translators, so if you have any of the comics that Himaruya hid or removed from the site please post them to the community.

Also, we are looking for translators and scanlators to help keep this project going! If you wish to participate please refer to the livejournal community as well.