Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club

These are the raws and scanlations for the series Advanced! Kitakou Broadcasting Club (すすめ!きたこー放送部, Susume! Kitakou Housoubu, lit: Progress! North Industry Broadcast Department).

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Chapter 01: Abolished Club
Chapter 02: Eh! Seriously?
Chapter 03: Why is my neighbor Freeza?
Short Story: The Epic Battle for Members!
Chapter 04: School Lessons at Kitakou: "Dirty Jokes and Sexual Harassment"
Chapter 05: You must have self-confidence to have a criminal record!
Chapter 06: A Cancer Notice at the Dentist
Asaka Short Story: To the Spot of the Purple Flag
Chapter 07: I'd like you to be my nurse!
Chapter 08: A Scary Kitakou Story
Chapter 09: We suffered through a green pool
Chapter 10: If we give into you guys
Chapter 11: Chubby Me
Chapter 12: Noto-Noto Nurse
Coming Soon
Chapter 13: Appeal! Kitakou Broadcasting Club!
Coming Soon
Chapter 14: Hey, your house is on fire...
Coming Soon
Chapter 15: Please become my wife! We'll live in a house full of candy!
Coming Soon
Chapter 16: Tanaka-kun, you're dazzling!
Coming Soon
Chapter 17: I'm the one that wrote about the tiny boob fetish in Kusashima's report!
Coming Soon
Chapter 17.5: The Athletic Festival is Hell
Coming Soon
Short Story: The Stamp Rally of Hell!
Coming Soon
Chapter 18: Song for a Fujoshi
Coming Soon
Chapter 19: Fighting Techniques of the Fujoshi (INCOMPLETE)
Coming Soon

*Chapter 16 - Unfinished/Scrapped Version Coming Soon
Short Story: "Gaki"
Coming Soon
*Short Story: Kitakou Fantasy
Coming Soon
**Short Story: Christmas Coming Soon
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Short Story: To Glorious Broadcasting Club Days