Kit and Boodle Band
play traditional British folk music suitable for all occasions:

Barn dances, weddings, parties, and ceilidhs

We play a wide range of English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh traditional dance tunes,
so whatever the event we've got the music !

With our large repertoire of listening tunes we have plenty of music
 to fill the gaps when you are resting between dances.
When we play for dances we always provide a 'caller'.
While we concentrate on providing the best possible sounds the caller will make sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone gets step by step instructions for the dances. All the callers we work with are very experienced at matching the choice of dances to the ability of the dancers—so don’t worry!
Everyone will be able to join in and have a great time.

Our specially designed amplification system enables us to create just the right sound
for any venue or event and our sound engineer ensures that the best possible
atmosphere and blend of instruments is always maintained.