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Running 32 BIT Applications On 64 BIT Platform using CorFlags.exe

The CorFlags Conversion tool allows you to configure the CorFlags section of the header of a portable executable image.This tool is new in the .NET framework version 2.0.
CorFlags.exe assembly [options]
    Argument              Description
    assembly The name of the assembly for which to configure the CorFlags.
     Option               Description
     /32BIT+  Sets the 32BIT flag.
     /32BIT-  Clears the 32BIT flag.
     /Force  Forces an update even if the assembly is strong-named
Scenario: you have an application Galaxy.exe which was compiled “any cpu” with a Whidbey compiler, but you want to force it to run as a 32-bit application even on 64-bit machines.
Use Visual Studio Command Prompt to Run the following commands
Run: corflags.exe /32BIT+ Galaxy.exe
Result: Galaxy.exe is now marked as if it was compiled /platform:x86