Kishalay Mitra, 
PhD, IIT Bombay
Visiting Professor, Wash U at St. Louis, USA
Visiting Professor, U Wash, Seattle, USA 
Associate Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Hi, welcome to GOKUL (Global Optimization and Knowledge Unearthing Laboratory). Here, we primarily focus our work on Engineering Optimization, an interdisciplinary area that is applied to almost any engineering discipline for improvement in process performance, design etc. Our works span over several topics of optimization and their applications on real world industrial problems, thanks to our long association with industry (15 years) and academic (8 years) research setups. These areas are broadly (i) optimization under uncertainty (robust optimization), (ii) surrogate modeling for computationally expensive problems, (iii) multi-objective optimization, (iv) optimal control, (iv) evolutionary and classical algorithms, etc.

My research jaunt with optimization started around 1995 with application of evolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithms to a real world chemical engineering (Nylon 6 polymerization reactor) problem. One of our core research objectives over last several years was to collaborate with different researchers from different disciplines of engineering and proliferate state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to various real life problems to gain confidence on the capability of those techniques. These research works not only established the effectiveness of these techniques for solving complicated applications of industrial scale but also delivered some outstanding results to industries that show their true capability in extracting maximum economic benefit out of a situation. The applications of our research works are spread across the various engineering streams like Chemical (optimal control of Nylon 6, Epoxy, Polypropylene Terepthalate polymerization etc.), Metallurgical (optimization of complex processes like continuous casting, iron ore sintering, carburization, induration etc.), Mechanical (CFD based modeling and its surrogate optimization and uncertainty quantification for missile design), Mineral Processing and Materials applications (optimization of grinding and flotation), Operations Research (design of bio-supply chain design, scheduling etc.), Energy (wind farm micro-siting, time series prediction of solar irradiation, Li ion battery modeling and performance management system) and Systems Biology (modeling of calcium ion oscillations in neuron, opthalmic cells). 

In various links provided here, you will find several glimpses of our experiences in solving various real world problems while experimenting optimization techniques on them apart from our recent interest in the areas of systems biology and renewable energy. I believe you will like them and I wish you all the best for your endeavors in different courses of your life.