I am currently an Assistant Professor in Bioinformatics at School of Science , GSFC University. Previously, I was a Assistant Professor in Bioinformatics at CISST, Sardar Patel University

I am experienced in Bioinformatics teacher and researcher, specializing in the rapidly evolving field of Next- Generation Sequencing analysis and interpretation, with great interest in the fields of Algorithms development and System biology. I worked as student developer for National Resource for Network Biology ( NRNB) organization under Google Summer of Code 2014 from May 2014 until August 2014 (Project Link).

My current research revolve around the computational modelling of spatial genomics and metabolomics data. I am mainly involved in determining metabolic pathways associated with biologically relevant questions.

I am interested in bottom-up network analysis for studying metabolites colocalization, to derive plausible biological hypotheses regarding cancer and other types of diseases (Alzheimer's Disease, Cardiovascular disease , Autoimmune Disease etc.)

I am programmer (primarily) in Python and R. Besides that, I am also associated with many open access projects like SBOL , Cytoscape, nf-core and Galaxy. Also, Reviewer for Journal of Theoretical Biology, Meta Gene, PeerJ, Current Computer-Aided Drug Design, and Software reviewer for SciPy (Scientific Computing with Python Conference) since 2016