I am currently an Assistant Professor in Bioinformatics at Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Science and Technology (CISST), Sardar Patel University. Previously, I was a graduate student and CSIR-Senior Research Fellow in Bioinformatics laboratory at Department of Computer Science, Sardar Patel University.

I recently finished my PhD in Bioinformatics at the Sardar Patel University, where I worked for four and half years in the area of Bioinformatics, network biology, system biology and machine learning as a senior research fellow. My PhD research and my interests lie in bioinformatics, data integration, system biology, machine learning, metabolic networks analysis, genome annotations and functional classifications. From May 2014 until August 2014 I was a participated in Google Summer of Code 2014 as Student Developer for National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) organization. (Project Link).

I am programmer (primarily) in Python, Java, and R. Besides that, I also have extensive wet-lab experiences in molecular biology techniques. Therefore I can connect bioinformatic findings with wet-lab analysis, design experiments and perform analysis that make biological sense, and understand the biological significance of the data in a meaningful way.