Kirstin's Creative Clubhouse

Program Information

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During the summer months we spend lots of time playing outdoors and exploring nature!

During the months of September-May I will be providing a structured program that offers routine, yet is based on the individual child and will always remain very flexible to their needs.   

We will have a lot of group activities as well as individual.  The children will learn by center based experiences, group morning meetings, and a curriculum that I have put together. 

Throughout the time spent here the children will also learn activities that will help them develop responsibilities such as:  setting and clearing the table, proper hygiene, cleaning up toys, respecting others, and many more.   

Kirstin's Creative Clubhouse offers:

- Preschool activities

- Semi-structured environment

- Loving environment

- Arts and crafts

- Free play

- Social activities

- Music and movement

- Large fenced yard

- Non-smoking environment


Parents will also receive a monthly newsletter outlining activities, holidays, birthdays, and other special days.