General Information:

I am happy that you have chosen Kirstin's Creative Clubhouse as a place to care for your child.

You can expect me to love, nurture, and cherish your little one.

While in my care your child will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range

of activities that will promote all areas of development. I will provide an

environment that is safe and comfortable. Kirstin's Creative Clubhouse is a structured program

that provides routine, yet is based on the individual child and will always remain

flexible to their needs.

Please help me operate my childcare business in a professional manner by carefully

reading through this parent handbook and filling out all necessary forms. It is

important that you are aware of all of my policies as I want you to make your

decision about childcare based on the terms that I provide.

It is my goal to offer your family the quality childcare experience that you deserve.

Again, welcome to Kirstin's Creative Clubhouse.  I look forward to getting to know you and your


Trial Period:

I accept children into my daycare home on a 30 day trial period. If at the

end of the trial period I feel the need to terminate this contract I may do so

without a 2-week notice. You may also do so at this time, but it must be on or

before the thirtieth day. After that time period a 2-week notice must be given and you

will be charged accordingly.

Hours of Operation:

My hours of operation are 7:30am to 4:45pm.   Your hours are based on those that you

have contracted. Not all families need the same hours.  Therefore your tuition is based on the hours you contract.

As a parent myself, I do understand that there are times when you need to leave

your children with me while you take care of personal business, such as doctor

appointments.   I just ask that you respect my policy and let me know when these

times arise and where you can be reached in an emergency.


No childcare will be provided on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

President's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


The day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New year's Eve

*If it happens where the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday I will have the

Thursday  before off and/or that following Monday off.

The above are PAID holidays for Kirstin's Creative Clubhouse if they fall on a contracted day

for your child.  In addition, Kirstin's Creative Clubhouse will close for 13 days of PAID vacation

per year and may take 10 personal days (no charge) per year. Notification of at

least 2 weeks will be given prior to any closed days, with the exception of

emergencies or illness. There will be no charge when my children or I am sick. Please

have a backup childcare provider for these occasions.  Kirstin's Creative Clubhouse is not

responsible for finding alternate care for your child.  In the event that I will be

away for a period of time less than three hours (doctor appointments, errands,

etc.) substitute care will be provided.

Deposit and Registration:

A non-refundable deposit that is equal to one week’s payment

will be made before daycare services begin. This deposit will be used towards your child’s fee for the last week of



I charge a flat weekly Full Time Fee (based on the child's age).

Full Time-Childcare contracted on a set scheduled time 3 to 4 days per week. 

Drop-ins-I will only be able to accept children if I have a spot open for them at the time. Money for drop in children is due when parent

drops off child.  Also, you must have all paperwork on hand. I will not accept child without the proper paperwork filled out.

Weekly payments must be guaranteed regardless of child’s absence for any reason.

Tuition is due in advance and is payable on the Friday before services are rendered. If Kirstin's Creative Clubhouse is closed or your child will not

be in attendance on a Friday, then tuition is due on the last day your child attends. Payment should

be made between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 

Please make checks payable to: Kirstin Czarnota

Receipts will be provided only upon request. A summary of fees paid for the entire year

will be provided to parents in January of the following year for tax purposes.

Reason for Rates:

Please keep in mind that your childcare fee is not based solely on the care that is

provided to your child. It is also based on the number of hours of care that is

needed each week and other costs associated with running my childcare effectively.

These expenses include but are not limited to: art/craft supplies, training, taxes,

insurance, helper/substitute costs, licensing fees, special activities, and


Changes to Policies:

Changes may be made to these policies as needed with 1 months notice. The

policies, contracts, consents, rate increases, and forms will be reviewed and

updated, if needed, yearly January 1st.  Please give a written notice of changes that

occur within your family, especially of name or address changes, or of updated


Returned Checks:

All returned checks will be charged a $30.00 NSF fee PLUS any late fees that

have occurred until I get the payment ($10 per day late fee).  If it happens more

than once you must start paying with cash or a money order ONLY.

Sick Days: 

In the event that your child is ill and needs to miss a day, please call at least 30 minutes before arrival time. 

If your child is absent due to day at home with family or

illness, these days are PAID. Full payment must be received whether or not your child

attends. Parents are responsible for arranging for care for their children on days

they are ill.

Vacation Days:

Parents must provide 2 weeks notice prior to any vacation time. Full time families

will be given a one week vacation. During this week you will only be required to pay

for half of your child’s regular fee to keep his/her space available. This only applies

if a 2 week notice of vacation is given. This does not apply to part-time children or

summer care children.

Special Vacation Policies:

1. Holidays are excluded and paid at a full day/week tuition rate.

2. Vacation time may not be carried over to the next calendar year. Any unused

time will be forfeited.

3. Payment of tuition is due for the vacation period prior to your vacation. This will

include any tuition that will be due in your absence.

 4. In the event you wish to use vacation time during my time off then your time will

precede mine and I will use my time off with you at a later time.

5. You must contract care for a minimum of 6 months prior to being eligible.

Maternity Leave/Extended Leave:

I do not offer an unpaid maternity leave for families who are home with a new

infant or those with extended vacations. My business and income are based on my

enrollment at all times. Your payment is still due each Friday in order to hold your

child’s existing spot in my care. If you have vacation time and would like to use that

while you are on maternity leave for your children, you can do so. If I am taking

infants at this time and you have made arrangements for me to hold a spot for your

child (please tell me right away if you are expecting, I may or may not have an

opening) there is a monthly charge to hold the spot until your infant comes on a

regular or planned basis.

Maternity Leave for Provider:

If I take maternity leave it will be no longer than 6 weeks. Of course, that may

change due to health reasons or emergencies. This time is unpaid to me unless vacation time is used.

Again, you will also have to find alternate care for that time. 

Drop Off and Pick Up:

If arriving after 8:30 a.m. please make sure your child has been fed breakfast.  If arriving after 11:15 p.m. please make sure they are fed

lunch. Please remove shoes before walking into our home. Please help your child take off their shoes and coat if help is needed. No one

other than the parents or designated person will be allowed to pick up your child without prior arrangement. I require a written note

with the person’s name and relationship to your child. If I haven’t met this person, or if your child can’t recognize this person, they will

need to show me some form of ID.

Late Pick Up:

If for any reason your child is here after 5 pm or more than 10 hours in one day,

without special arrangements, I charge $ 5.00 for every 15 minutes you are late per



I am a part of Provider’s Choice Food Program.

I will serve breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack each day as part of my

program. Breakfast is a bread product, fruit, and milk. Lunch consists of a meat,

bread product, vegetable, fruit, and milk. Each snack includes food or drink from

two of the above mentioned groups. Sweets may be included occasionally. Please do

not send snacks or candy with your child to daycare unless prior approval has been

given. If your child does not finish eating at home before he/she comes in the

morning, remember we eat breakfast no later than 8:15 a.m.

If your child has an allergy to a specific food, please let me know and I will try to

make an appropriate substitution. If a child has so many allergies that he/she can not

eat from the menu, I may require the parents to provide his/her lunch and/or snacks for that child.

As a part of the food program I am reimbursed a certain amount for each snack

and meal I serve. One requirement for the program is I must plan a menu that

meets the nutritional requirements. 

I would never force a child to finish what is on his/her plate, but I do encourage each

child to try one or two bites of everything. Sometimes they are surprised by what

they like!

Breakfast: 8:00-8:30

Lunch: 11:30-12:00

Snack: 3:00-3:30

These meal times are approximate times. If your child is to be arriving close to any

of these times, please discuss it with me so I know if I will be feeding your

child or not.

Birthdays and Special Occasions:

You may bring a treat for us to share at snack time only if you’d like to. All baked

goods must be from a professionally licensed kitchen such as a bakery. Please NO



All children, regardless of age, are to lie down for a nap/rest at

approximately 12:30pm. You may wish to explain this to your child to help him/her

feel more comfortable with this policy. The child does not have to sleep, but must

observe a quiet time.

Infants - will nap when they need to, but when the

child is nearing 12 months old I ask your help in getting the child used to napping

the same time as the rest (12:30 to 2:30-3:00).  I ask this because the size of my

home does not allow toddlers to be playing and making noise when the others are

trying to sleep or rest.

Toddlers - will sleep in a crib, playpen, or cot

Preschoolers - will sleep on a cot


One toy may be brought from home on an occasional basis. I do ask that it be a toy

that is not breakable and not expensive. I am not responsible for any damage that

may occur. The children are told that they may have their toy out if they share it.

They may bring a special blanket for nap time as well. Please NO jewelry.


Please DO NOT bring your child to childcare when they are not feeling well. 

If during the night or over the weekend your child has been ill, I would appreciate being informed. 

This will allow me to watch them during the day for continuing symptoms; other parents will be

informed as necessary. While I realize it’s a challenge to miss work for your sick child, it’s important to consider that the spread of an

illness affects other families. Accordingly, for the benefit of all involved in the child care home, the following policies will be strictly


1. Children who have exhibited any symptoms of infectious illness are likely to be contagious and should remain at home. The child can return to day care after a 24-hour time period of no further symptoms or a 24-hour time period of prescribed antibiotics. Examples of associated symptoms include, but are not limited to:  severe cold symptoms such as a profusely runny nose, green snotty nose (usually means infection and should be checked out) or severe coughing, fever of 100 degrees (auxiliary) or over, diarrhea that is frequent or not contained, vomiting, unexplained rash, impetigo, chicken pox, pinkeye, yellowish skin/eyes, severe sore throat, and abnormal breathing. Your child must be symptom free for 24 hours. Example: If your child was vomiting today, they will not be able to come to daycare tomorrow.

2. I reserve the right to determine whether a mildly ill child should remain in the childcare.

3. I am willing to accept a child with mild illness only if fever is not present, they are able to fully participate in activities, and they do not have contagious symptoms such as excessive runny nose or severe cough. Remember that when you give a morning dose of Tylenol or Motrin to reduce a fever that your child needs to stay home.

4. Mildly ill children could require additional care that I’m unable to give. A profusely runny nose or excessive crying may result in a need for your child to be picked up by a parent. Your child may be fine once you are one-on-one at home, but keep in mind that there are several other children in my care that need my attention.

5. If your child becomes ill or injured during the day you will be promptly notified. You are to make arrangements to pick up your child within the hour. In order to reduce exposure and risk to other children in the daycare, the sick child will be isolated from the other children until the parent arrives.  If you cannot be reached the person designated as the Emergency Contact will be notified.

6. You must notify me within 24 hours of a diagnosis of a contagious illness or parasitic infection so that I can notify the other parents of children. Children with parasitic infections (lice, pin worms, ring worm, etc.) must remain at home. Before returning to childcare the child must have completed treatment and be symptom free.

I have read and agree to follow all new policies.

Before I can accept your child for care you must complete a record of



No child will be given any medication (prescription or over the counter) unless

written permission is given by the parent. Prescription medication shall have the

child’s name, name of medication, Doctor’s name, name of pharmacy, prescription

number, date, and directions for administering. The medication must be in the

original container as dispensed by the pharmacy. I have "Permission to Administer

Medication” forms to be filled out each time your child will need medicine to be


Written permission is also required in order to use diapering products,

sun screen lotion, and insect repellents.

EXCEPTION: As your childcare provider, I will administer Syrup of Ipecac if

instructed to do so by poison control or emergency medical services.

Injuries and Medical Emergencies:

Although supervision is constantly given, I can not be by the child’s side at all times

to prevent falls, tripping, bumps, blows from other children, etc. If the child is injured in a non life-threatening way I will assess the

child and provide home first

aid. If the injury is more serious, the parent will be notified so the child can be

transported to the hospital or doctor's office (i.e. needs stitches, broken arm,

dislocation, etc.).   All costs associated with injuries to the child will be the

responsibility of the parent, unless I have been found to be negligent. In case of a

medical emergency I will attempt to contact you immediately. If I am unable to

reach you I will start calling the people designated as your emergency contacts. If

I am unable to reach you or your emergency contacts I will transport your child to

his/her doctor or to the hospital (if necessary). If immediate intervention is

required, I am certified in infant, child, and adult CPR and First Aid and will take

appropriate action including calling 911 and having your child transported to the

appropriate hospital. You or your family's insurance is/are responsible for the cost

of medical help or treatment due to accidents or illness while in childcare.

Safety Plans:

I pride myself in having a warm, loving, and safe environment in which your child can

explore, learn, and experience many different things. Some features that help

ensure your child’s safety are:

* Gates are used on stairways when infants under 18 months are present.

* Fire extinguishers and alarms are maintained properly. Fire extinguisher is

located in the kitchen.

* Toys are age appropriate and used in a safe manner.

* Toys are washed regularly and any time there has been an illness.

* Electrical outlets are covered.

* Fire drills are practiced regularly.

* Cleaners and chemicals are out of reach.

* The hot water heater is regulated at 120 Degrees.

* Medications are out of reach.

* Tornado drills are practiced regularly.

Natural Disaster Plan:

FIRE – We have a meeting place outside at the mailboxes in case of a fire. Then 911 will be called and following that all parents will be notified.

TORNADO – We will be in the basement with a flashlight, extra batteries, radio,

blanket, snacks, and games. We will remain there until it is safe to come out.

STORM WATCH/WARNING – We will stay in the basement with the radio on

monitoring the outcome of the storm.  We will remain there until it is safe to

come out.



Mandated Reporter:

As a Childcare Provider, I am required by law to report any suspected signs of child

abuse and/or neglect. This includes any form of physical punishment by the parents.  

Grievance Procedure:

It is the grievance procedure of this childcare that anyone having a grievance must

bring it in writing to the license holder (Kirstin Czarnota). After discussing the

grievance with the license holder at a scheduled conference, if you feel that the

provider is still in violation of any state childcare regulations, then the grievance

should be brought before the next level of authority, that being Nadine Groven my

childcare licensor.  She will then look into the situation and determine if a correction

order must be given for a violation of a rule set by the Minnesota Department of

Human Services.  Any and all grievances must follow the proper steps as listed above.

Substance Abuse Policy:

I prohibit employees, helpers, substitutes and volunteers, when directly responsible

for caring for the children, from abusing prescription medication or being in any

manner under the influence of a chemical or alcohol.


Children will be treated with love, respect, and patience. Discipline will be issued

according to age and understanding level. The following methods of discipline will be

used, depending on age:

*Encourage children to solve problems themselves

*Intervention and discussion

*Re-direction to another play area

*Loss of privileges

*Time out (1 minute per year of age). I cannot care for children whose behavior is unacceptable such as biting, hitting,

fighting, swearing...etc. I know sometimes things happen, but if a child is always

acting out or running wild and causing problems, this will be grounds for termination and you will be asked to make other

arrangements. It is my goal to make sure the children in my care are happy and free from harm. When I have such children this makes

it very hard to create a happy environment for the other children. So such a child will be removed. I believe children are responsible for

their actions and we teach them to respect other people's property and the value of those items.


As a licensed provider, I shall not discriminate in relation to admissions on the basis

of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, or sex.


I have liability insurance through State Farm.


I do have a 4 year old Springer Spaniel named Pippa - she is in "her" room for the majority of the day and kept away from the children.


I allow limited TV viewing consisting of Nickelodeon, PBS, and the Disney channel.