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Be patient with me...I'm new to this.

I'm so excited and inspired by the blogs I read.  I've got things of my own to share.  Right now, I'm trying to sort out a good blog site.  This one doesn't have some of the features I want, the stuff that makes blogging interactive and fun.  To me anyways.  I guess, like in this city, I'm just trying to figure out my way around, make some friends, find my niche, grow.



Big City Fall

We've been busy this week.  Mom's visit = doing and seeing; I even had some time to myself to visit the textile museum downtown, weird without a little one running and wandering, weird to linger.  I've seen many bright and beautiful fall photos out there and I thought I might add a taste of the fall around me. 

This is a big big city.


In the midst of cleaning, I managed in a moment to sew mom a pillow for her guestbed...just so she knows that I love her.

Heart appliqued to heart appliqued to heart.

Oct. 21. 07

Richard is away for the week and mom is coming from the Westcoast on Wednesday.  You know how it is when mom's come and husbands like a dervish, organizing junk drawers, folding the mountain of laundry that was abandonned in the laundry room, things that just didn't seem to matter next to the everything else of everyday...BUT they matter now, MOM IS COMING!  Getting settled in Toronto has taken a long time, longer than I thought it would.  Unpacking still, I realize how much junk we have...clothes that we'll never wear, toys that Naiya has long lost interest in, little bits of little bits. 

Last night I turned off the computer and hunkered down.  That much closer to my cleaning looks good, aesthetically pleasing.  I suppose it's not so much for her as it is for me.  I like tidy.  Tidy doesn't happen often with a little her and a big him.  It's just not their thing...

...I fought the urge to make apple pie (I looove pie) with apples from the St. Lawrence farmers market, right smack in the downtown of Toronto.  Cut quilt pieces instead.  My back hurts a bit from bending over my cutting table for 3 hours, but I am so satisfied with the progress I've made.  Today is crisp and clear.  There is much to do.


Welcome to my site!

Just the other day, my friend Ines tipped me off to the fantastic world of crafty, inspired and brilliant blogging mamas.  Here I was, setting up a new home in a new town (actually the enormous city of Toronto) wondering, "Where have all the hippies gone?" when they were all here all along.  Yay!!!  I've found my way home away from home!

So, I'm joining out there in New Zealand, Oz, England, Japan, Califor-ni-a, and back on the Westcoast, home sweet home, where my island is.  I'm joining the ranks of you, you inspired and inspiring, oh so clever, shiney and beautiful earth mamas, domestic divas, full of amazing ideas and willing to share...hoping to share some with you too.

I am Kirsten, an island girl... island as they get.

 Mama to my beauty Naiya,

wife to my most lovable love Richard.  Besides those first and foremosts, I am a gardener, it's my thing, THE thing I am really really good at.  I love to grow things, I love to watch what I grow grow, I love to pick and eat and arrange what I've grown...

I love to create.

 I, like most of you, am a finder.  I like wishing for things and finding them on garbage day, stacked with the stacks upon stacks of stuff that people throw out. (It's mind boggling what people throw out here!)  Geez, I thought dumpster diving was good on the Westcoast...HA!  I had no idea. I like to thrift shop and collect: fabric and notions mostly, although I have a pretty decent selection of driftwood knots, seaglass, shells and other oceany finds.  I like art, how ever you read that.  I like puzzles, putting together, connecting the dots and making sense of things...even when they don't make sense.  I loooooove the library, a plethora of resources free and for the borrowing.  I consider myself a writer and I love spontaneous outpouring of subconsiously chosen, yet perfectly used, words.  And...I love that first sip of coffee in the morning, sitting here at the computer, reading other people's blogs.

We're in Toronto for a year, so gardening, for now, is on the backburner to the little this's and that's that I will explore, and am, while we wait out the (apparent) long winter.  I really have no idea...I've never done a winter before.  Thanks to you, I will showcase right here whatever it is that is born this year.  Crossing my fingers...Here I go!