General Membership Meeting

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hosted by Paula B.

At Paula's House

7:00 pm


Watch for the Spring Arts & Crafts Show Registration here



Kirksville Women of Today has established a Fee Assistance Program through the Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department and Aquatic Center beginning in the summer of 2014.  Children age 17 and under can apply for up to two $25 scholarships to be applied to any recreation or aquatic program (if two scholarships are awarded, one must be towards swimming lessons).

The Fee Assistance Registration form and instructions are available here.


The Kirksville Women of Today is a dynamic and diverse women's organization interested in the betterment of our community. We are not politically or religious affiliated. We are working women, homemakers, mothers, married and single living in Kirksville and the surrounding area. The Kirksville Women of Today began in 1985. We are a chapter of the Missouri Women of Today as well as the United States Women of Today.

We volunteer our time, raise funds for charities, and provide informational seminars that are open to the public. Members can be involved as much as they want to be. Most group events take place in the evenings or on weekends. We are also interested in bettering ourselves and having fun. We have speakers attend our meetings, challenge ourselves to improve our communication skills, gather to develop new talents and plan social events. The wide range of opportunities that Women of Today offers is one of the elements that make it unique. There is something for every woman and new ideas are always welcome.

The best way to learn more about the Kirksville Women of Today is to attend a meeting. Join us at one of our monthly meetings!



                                        2018-19 officers

1. MEET NEW FRIENDS - Get to know other women in your community who share common interest in making the world a better place. Enjoy the opportunity to socialize with enthusiastic women from around the state!

2. GET INVOLVED - Be part of your community. Plan fun, new events for families. Raise money for good causes. Be part of the solution.

3. LEARN NEW SKILLS - Sharpen your writing or speaking skills, enhance your organizational abilities, and learn to be an effective part of a team through work on projects. Expand your horizons by experiencing programs offered in a variety of areas.

4. MAKE A DIFFERENCE - Share your strengths with others. Use the leadership opportunities available to motivate others, meet goals and gain confidence in your abilities.

5. TREAT YOURSELF - You are worth it! Be a part of a group that is just for you. Give yourself permission to grow, develop and have fun as an individual.