School Calendar

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The KCDC School Calendar:

·         The KCDC school calendar will follow the same schedule as the Kirksville School District Calendar. Save for professional development days, in which KCDC will be open.

·         The KCDC will open at 7:30am and close at 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday during the academic school year – with the exception of holidays.

A day in the Life of KCDC:

Diverse activity choices are offered within the framework of a predictable daily schedule. The schedule is balanced to provide for alternating blocks of vigorous and quiet activity. Times indicated are approximate and flexible.

·         7:30-9:30 Learning centers in the room

·         9:15-9:45 Morning snack offered in shifts for interested kids

·         9:45-10:15 Outside time, projects, group games

·         10:15-10:45 Small group time, music/movement/stories

·         10:45-11:30 Outside play, large motor

·         11:15-11:30 Pick-up for part-day children

·         11:45-12:15 Lunch

·         12:15-2:15 Getting ready for nap and nap time/rest time

·         1:10 Projects or outside for non-nappers

·         2:15-4:00 Getting up and learning centers, projects and/or outside time

·         3:00-3:30 Afternoon snack offered for interested kids

·         4:00-4:30 Group time, music/movement/stories/art project

·         4:30-5:15 Large motor, learning centers, projects, and/or outside time

·         5:30 All children picked up

Kirksville Child Development Center