The KCDC Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission:

The Kirksville Child Development Center supports children's innate ability to learn and grow best through play. 

 Educational Philosophy:

The KCDC program is based on the philosophy that children learn and grow best through play. Our philosophy is a blend of ideas found in constructivist learning theory, the teachings of early childhood educator Bev Bos, and the creative influence of Katy Korte (our Director).

The indoor and outdoor classrooms at the KCDC are organized through the eyes of children, using open-ended, child-directed play to stimulate the intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of each child. Children freely explore their environment, with teachers offering support.

Curriculum and group time activities are planned, and learning centers, materials, and tools are set out for the children. But when an idea or a question sparks the children to move in their own direction, the teachers gladly follow, allowing these new projects of the children’s design to blossom and flourish.

There is a certain structure or rhythm to our daily routine, and it is within this framework that the children choose what, how much, or how long they wish to spend with an activity or project. At the KCDC, children are encouraged to wonder and imagine, to discover and create.

Cooperative Philosophy:

Another integral component of our preschool is the parent cooperative model upon which we operate. The cooperative structure affords parents a unique opportunity to become intimately involved in the KCDC. By enrolling a child, parents become voting members of the cooperative: contributing volunteer time, attending member meetings, and sharing in the operation and administration of the preschool. Parents are often found playing in the classroom, organizing a workday or a special event, fundraising, or helping to maintain our facility. This high level of involvement builds a strong sense of community and a nurturing environment essential for our children and their families to thrive.