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Hey there Kirksey Elementary Students.  Here are some links to some websites you use at school.  Click on the links to the left and have fun learning!!

Remember Our Kirksey Essential TEN!!
Be a Cool Kirksey Kid!!

1.) When responding to any adult, make eye contact and answer by saying "Yes Ma'am" or "No Sir."

2.) Respect other students' comments, opinions, and ideas.

3.) Do not brag when you win or show anger when you lose, and always celebrate others when they do well.

4.) Show Respect!  Do not smack your lips, "Tsk", roll your eyes, or show disrespect with gestures.

5.) Always say, "Thank You" when given something and when you receive something accept the gift graciously.

6.) Complete your homework every day without complaining or moaning.

7.) When a substitute teacher is present, all class rules still apply.

8.) Be courteous!  If something is dropped, pick it up; hold the door open for others; and say "Excuse Me" if someone bumps into you even if it is not your fault.

9.) If ANYONE bullies you, tell the teacher.  Don't bully others.

10.) Be the BEST person you can be!
Stand up for what you believe in.
Be positive and enjoy life.
Live life with no regrets.
Learn from your mistakes and move on.
Be honest, no matter the circumstances.