About Us
KLWA is a not-for-profit membership association of residents in the Kirk Lake watershed.  We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation. KLWA serves as a scientific and educational institution to improve the watershed's health for everyone's enjoyment, and the benefit of the environment.

Our Mission

KLWA's mission is to enhance the quality of the natural environment in the Kirk Lake watershed.   We support the diverse uses of the lake and its environs, including boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, birding, and more.  KLWA addresses key issues affecting water quality, land and lake use.  In addition, KLWA strives to maintain water quality as a control lake within the NYC Croton Reservoir System. We seek to educate area residents about the ecology of the watershed, in order to preserve and protect it.

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Kirk Lake Watershed Association Inc. P.O. Box 191 Mahopac Falls NY 10542