2017-2020 Nominees:

Alan Belsky  has lived on Kirk Lake since 1992.  I have always been a steward for our lake, trying to educate my neighbors on the issues that affect us.  Excessive runoff, sewage, fertilizer and sedimentation are all serious issues affecting our water quality.  I own  a technology business in Manhattan  and I live on Tennis Court Road with my wife and two sons.  You can often see us enjoying the lake in our boat or kayaks.  The lake represents not only beauty, but helps maintain our home values.  I hope to help grow our membership base and continue the hard work that the other board members have started.

Eric Birnbaum currently serves on the Board and has done so since its inception. Eric also serves as a member of the Interlochen Park Association which is a neighborhood association also on Kirk Lake. Eric serves to be the liaison between KLWA and IPA.

I’m Eileen Grossman and am very interested in becoming a board member of the Kirk Lake Watershed association. My husband and I moved to Lakeside Rd in 2013 and have loved living here for the past 4 years. I have worked for the past 32 years in the Corporate environment where I worked on teams collaborating and compromising to meet our goals. I am an avid nature lover, having studied Biology in college. I believe it’s important to do everything possible to protect our beautiful lake, whether it be cleaning the shoreline or educating our neighbors on ways to protect our environment. I have worked to benefit several non profit organizations over the past ten years and I look forward to dedicating my energy to protecting our lake so we can preserve it. Kirk Lake is an amazing place and I want to help ensure that future generations can enjoy our private paradise. 
Abby Grow  is one of the founding members of the Kirk Lake Watershed Association.  She currently serves as a member of the board of directors of KLWA and the KLWA Lake Management Team.  Abby has received training on KLWA’s water testing program, helped create KLWA’s newsletter and assists in the updating of the KLWA website.  She has also been involved in the Kirk Lake clean-ups, assisted with finding contractors for the triploid sterile carp, and preparing information for the community for the annual meetings.   Abby would like to continue as members of the KLWA Board of Directors to continue to improve the overall health of Kirk Lake. 
My name is Cathy Izzo.  My husband Dale Riehl and I have lived on Kirk Lake since 1985 and very much appreciate the community. After 20 years of being in the television business, first at the CBS network and then at smaller production companies, I decided to open my own retail store in Manhattan serving quilters in 1997.  After another 20 years, I closed that business in October, 2016 and now have the time to spend getting involved in something I care about very deeply, Kirk Lake.

My name is Jane Kartsch. I have been a Kirk Lake resident for 31 years. I have served on the Board of Directors of the Lake Garden Associarion and have held the position of Vice President for the past 3 years. I take the health  of Kirk Lake very seriously and contribute to sustaining the viability of the lake by serving on the Save the Lake committee and doing whatever is needed.  I am a retired NY City public high school teacher and currently own 2 Bikram Yoga Studios.

Charles Mintz has been a homeowner on Kirk Lake since 1986.  Since then, he has been a member of the Lake Gardens Property Owners Association, and was an officer for many years, serving as President, Vice President, and Board Member.   He has strongly supported KLWA since its founding, and would like to serve the lake more formally as a member of the KLWA Board.  Professionally, he was the signature voice-of-the-brand in long running advertising campaigns for dozens of companies literally ranging from American Express to Xerox,  and also announced and narrated hundreds of individual commercials, corporate videos, and documentaries.  He has been heard in more than 10,000 commercials.  For six years, he created and taught college level courses in voice over at the New York Conservatory for Film & Television , and currently volunteers at the voice over laboratory at SAG-AFTRA (the actors union) in New York City. He had an earlier career as an advertising copywriter.
Minia Sas is a founder of Kirk Lake Watershed Association.  As the newly elected president of Lake Gardens Property Association in 2007, Minia initiated meetings of members of the West Lake Civic Association,  Interlochen  and Joe Montouri, the author of the Kirk Lake network blog, so that a community dialogue could arise among  all those concerned with the health and wellbeing of Kirk lake. The first Community Meeting at Mahopac Public Library in 2008, which founded KLWA, grew out of these initial meetings. Minia currently serves as KLWA Vice President. The Sas family has owned a home on Lillian Road since 1980 and Minia teaches pre-kindergarten at the Amalgamated Nursery School in the Bronx.
Ron Yehuda is a founder of Kirk Lake Watershed Association. As a board member of Lake Gardens Property Association since the early 1990’s, Ron took care of the research, lake survey, and especially the finance part of the previous effort to clean up Kirk Lake by obtaining sterile triploid carp. That application was approved, but didn’t come to fruition at that time because of problems with insurance liability. Ron donated much of the money used for KLWA’s startup costs, as well as monies used for the lake survey. Ron is committed to efforts to raise funds needed for the current carp project, once approved by the DEC and DEP, as well as any other projects to maintain the health and quality of Kirk Lake. The Yehuda family has owned a home on the lake, at Lillian Road, since the early nineties and  Ron is semi-retired from the diamond industry.

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