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Hi, and welcome to Kirkworx: The Google Times.

I will try to put this site together with a little less abstraction, but I can't promise it won't be abstract... at least in terms of the connections from one subject (clipping) to the next. I will also always try to provide the appropriate links to original source material and all due credits. I am not, by any means, a complete professional when it comes to Publishing Rules... so if any of you cares to help me out or set me straight, by all means, please feel free to do so.

I intend to present items of interest to me and elaborate on them a little more than myspace allows. I will include articles of interest I find, hype or fact-based, loads of op-ed, and tons of visuals. I am a visually oriented person.

Thanks and feel free to submit anything you think might be of interest to me or might be good for htis site. I will also be setting sidebars and link exchange sections. I intend to address sepcial topics every month. I will also copy some material to and from other sites I own and operate, including some of my profile sites.

Thanks for visiting!

Kirk Dupuis

(People who know me call me Captain Kirk)


Here some images I'd like to share:

La Jolla Cove, San Diego CA... a place long ago, where I used to knee board, because I wasn't old enough yet to surf... san sharks, rocks, and lots of scabs when we were 12, 13 an older... I remember Chris Montoya tried to stand up on his knee board and it snapped into rocks...

We also started skim boarding, that's when it took off... back in '73 or '74... Danny Walsh was one of the coolest tricksters...


Here I am... now a tubby 45 year old with my dog Harley...

just a few funny signs, since I am a sign designer...

...'nuff said

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