The Emperor, Vahrgis, The World Emperor.  A one-time priest of Aaron the Lawgiver who formed an army to defeat the empire of Bael Turath.  After resting control of the continent away from the Tieflings, he became a demigod in service to Aaron.  After the death of Aaron during the Long Night of Knives, Vahrgis assumed the role of the god of Order and Judgement in Aaron's place.

Kilestra Sorrowing, Eladrin Governess of Arkosia as well as the owner of The Golden Shade Trading Company.  She plotted the downfall of The Nine so she could take over their slavery monopoly with her own slave trading company.  She secretly contacted the Nine and hired them to collect adventuring types from her lands that she would supposed purchase from them once they arrived in Da'Vrelle.  She then made slavery illegal in her province so when the slavers entered Kavrelt, she would have the authority to kill them.  She then planted fake documentation on the slavers showing that they were cheating on their taxes.  She then sent the documentation to The Emperor’s Bureau of Taxation who then authorized her to eradicate The Nine as an example of others who might think of cheating the Emeror. With the liberated slaves now in her debt, she used them to be her agents to take down The Nine.  Once The Nine were destroyed she repealed her law against slavery stating her people need the slave labor to keep competitive with merchants in other provinces who use slaves.  Since The Nine are no longer around, she took it upon herself to create The Golden Shade Trading Co.

Liberty's Lance later stepped in and 'convinced' her to step down as both governess and to free all slaves within her Province.  Her own books showed evidence of wrong doing, and Agents of the Empire hauled her away.  

Nadarr, Dragonborn Mayor of Kavrelt, who was raised to Governor of the Arkhosia province after Kilestra was taken down by Liberty's Lance.  

Korguurad the Half-Dragon, Dragonborn Paladin and hero of the Arkhosian empire who died in the battle of Fort Kavrelt. 

Inspector Myddral, Human agent of The Emperor’s Bureau of the Black Libram and secretly one of Ryn the Trickster's avatars.

PyreDeath, Ancient Red Dragon, Governor of Caldera.  Allied with the Emperor during his war of liberation against the Tieflings of Bael Turath over 100 years ago.  While PyreDeath submits to the laws of the Emperor, he does not brook agents of other governors entering his lands, no matter the reason.  He rules his lands from the inside of an active volcanic caldera but he and his Azer Guards do nothing to keep his peoples safe from humanoid raiders, be they Orcs or Hobgoblins or any of the other various bands that roam his lands, and they are left to defend themselves.

Borrik Bogstrider, Elven tracker from Knob Hill familiar with the Saltmarsh of Rinnez

Lord Gesh, Lizardfolk ruler of Ghethrithriss

Shurina, Lizardfolk shamaness of Lord Gesh

Gohrtux the Hand, Orc Paladin of Scarlett, killed by Liberty's Lance in Ghethrithriss

Flint Smolderfist, Regent of Caldera.  One-eyed Azer, an angry scar runs across the empty socket of his right eye who some whisper was earned by displeasing PyreDeath.

Prefect Perrin TwilightEyes.  Halfling leader of The Wave Riders and Prefect of the 1st Cohort.

Prefect Gustov Black, Human Prefect of the Second Cohort of the Wave Riders.

Prefect Ursula Bronzebow, Dwarven Prefect of the Third Cohort of the Wave Riders.

Lady Caelynne Glimmerspear, captain of the guard who watch the portal to Cascade Shimmer and the daughter of a high ranking Eladrin official

Lady Thuvarra, Dragonborn matron of a powerful merchant guild named Two Talons Ltd.

Dagon, Demonic entity of the oceans, enemy of the followers of Tobas.

Lord Marshall Vœgrin Bloodaxe, Dwarven Warlord who led the alliance armies to victory over the Bael Turath empire.

Emperor Carniphagius Xeraphica, Deceased emperor of the Bael Turath.  His skull hangs on the wall of Vœgrin Bloodaxe's office.

Samael StormRender, Tiefling creator of the Spelljammer, now rests in his tomb as a lich whose Phylactery is the Helm Stone of his ship, "The Eternal Night"

SoSharra Bloodbathed, Deceased High Priest of Scarlett the God Slayer.  Liberty's Lance killed her in the tomb of Samael StormRender.

Scarlett the God Slayer, Progeny of Shogma Thoq and Tsuurathlagus.  She was born from the stolen Divine Fire of the gods slain during the Long Night of Knives.  She is a creature of both the Far Realm and Kirinth.  When she kills other gods, her sires are fed, and she becomes stronger.  If she is allowed to continue, she will eventually become so powerful she will slay all the gods of Kirinth.

Shogma Thoq,


Power Groups

Azer, Followers of Pyredeath

Red Plume Guards, The personal guards of Lady Kilestra Sorrowing

Scarlett Cultists, Worshipers of Scarlett The Godslayer

The Nine Slave Lords, Leaders of a massive slave trading company who were framed by Kilestra Sorrowing to appears to be cheating on their taxes, so the The Emperor's Bureau of Taxation sent Myddral, an agent of the Black Libram to make an example of them.  Liberty's Lance finished off the last of the Slave Lords during the eruption of the volcano on Sunderham island.

Black Libram, an autonomous police force who have the authorization to do whatever it takes to enforce The Emperor’s Law.

The Emperor’s Bureau of Taxation, Let me tell you how it will be; There's one for you, nineteen for me. 'Cause I’m the taxman, Yeah, I’m the taxman.

Hippogriff Riders, Eladrin warriors of Cascade Shimmer

The Wave Riders, Worshipers of Tobas formed together by Tzera Caulthoun to be bearers of witness to goings on in the World Empire and report such events to the temple of Tobas.  They are divided into 3 groups called cohorts.  The First Cohort patrols the provinces of Arkhosia and Caldera, the Second Cohort patrols Cascade and Viridistan, while the Third Cohort patrols Stonehome and Seafoam.  They currently do not have any measurable presence in the Bael Turath Military District because of the tight security.

The Templars of Tobas, Divine powered soldiers who are a continuation of the Wave Riders but they are also leaders providing muscle as well as being the first to arrive in times of need.

Two Talons Ltd.  Powerful merchant guild.

Ghost Phoenix, a Dragonborn tribe.

Goldleaf Guards, Guardsmen of the Goldleaf Trading Consortium

The Golden Shade Trading Company, A newly formed slave trading company based in Arkhosia owned by Kilestra Sorrowing.  After the fall of The Nine, Lady Sorrowing repealed her ban on slavery due to the outcry of the populace who could not afford to perform tasks typically relegated to slaves and remain competitive with producers of goods in the other 6 provinces of the empire.


The World Empire, formed from the ashes of the fallen Tiefling empire of Bael Turath.  The empire has 7 provinces, Arkhosia, Caldera, Cascade, Viridistan, Stonehome, Seafoam, and the Bael Turath Military District.

Fort Kavrelt sits deep within the Umpesht Badlands of the Arkhosia Province.  The town of Kavrelt sits below the ruins of the fallen fort.  The fort was built to guard the spring that sits below the cliff face the fort sits upon.  It is also the final resting place of the Half-Dragon Korguurad, Paladin of Aaron the Lawgiver and last hero of the Arkhosian empire.  He made his final stand against the Tiefling armies of Bael Turath within Fort Kavrelt, but the demonic hordes proved too much for him and the last of the Arkhosian empire died with him.

Avreen Gate, Elven city located on the eastern coast of the Province of Caldera. 

Da'Vrelle, Provincial Capitol of Arkhosia.  This city sits across the Skacious river from the ruins of the capitol city of the fallen Arkhosian Empire.  The predominant building material is white marble.  Being the major trading port for the southern part of The World Empire, the city is quite metropolitan, with all races mingling together equally.  Travelers to the city may even get their first glimpse of Angels proudly striding amongst the throng on missions unknown.  The delicate Eladrin construction of the Governor's mansion projects both grace and strength.

The Slaver's Stockade, A long abandoned fortress guarding a mountain caravan route in the province of Cascade.  The Nine had taken over the Stockade and used it for processing and fattening newly acquired slaves.  Liberty's Lance snuck into the fortress and killed the leaders of the facility and learned the true location to the home of the Nine Slave Lords, the island city of Sunderham.

Sunderham, Fortress of the Nine Slave Lords, destroyed in an earthquake/volcanic eruption.

Cascade Shimmer, Capitol of the Province of Cascade.  An infinite sky filled with floating islands of stone covered with delicate Eladrin pearlescent buildings.  A few of the islands are connected by narrow bridges, but most are floating independently. 

Two Talons Inn, The Wave Riders as a base of operations within Cascade Shimmer on the Isle of the Lower Ward.

Isle of the Lower Ward,  A sky island in Cascade Shimmer where non-Eladrins are housed.

High Port, abandoned city of in the Province of Caldera.  The once bustling city of High Port relied upon trade from the outside to survive, so when The Long Night of Knives inflicted 6 days of complete darkness upon the land the city died in chaos and strife.  When The Night ended, PyreDeath chose to ignore High Port and build New Port closer to his capitol city so trade goods would arrive quicker.

Caldera.  Provincial capital of Caldera Province.  While under the rule of the god of Law and Order, seems rife with corruption, but always underneath the surface. Bribes are the only way to get anything done, with what appears to be all the monies funneling to PyreDeath himself.

Saltmarsh of Rinnez, Marshland in the western half of the Province of Caldera.

Spelljammers, Flying Ships created by the Beal Turath empire who's technology has since been lost. 

Knob Hill, small town that sits just outside the Saltmarsh of Rinnez

Ghethrithriss, Lizardfolk city in the Saltmarsh of Rinnez.  An expansive collection of shipwrecks attached to one another with rope bridges, small portions of dry land, or simply abutted next to one another.

"The Cock Pit", once an underground cock fighting arena, it has now gone legitimate and is now the biggest gambling den in Da'Vrelle. From the outside, the Cock Pit looks like a large warehouse, while the inside the Cock Pit consists of a large area with many gaming tables and a bar, a smaller, more exclusive gambling room with only four tables, and a separate room with an arena pit surrounded by one hundred seats. The establishment also has six private rooms used by the staff prostitutes to service customers. The clientele of the Cock Pit is made up of low and middle-class citizens—commoner laborers, merchants, and craftworkers. These guests number between eighty and one hundred on any given night. A few wealthier “high rollers” come for the exclusive games of the back room. The real draw at the Cock Pit is the small arena pit in the back, and the star of that arena is a minotaur named Krag. Although fights do take place in the city Arena, the combat here is far more brutal. Fighters frequently die in the pit, much to the delight of the bloodthirsty crowd. The house puts odds on various ranked combatants and takes bets, plus the management has placed a 10,000 gp bonus payout to any fighter who can best Krag in the arena.

Whaltok, childhood home of Tzera, wiped out to a man by Dagon.  The town was burned to the ground by Liberty's Lance

Smooth Sailing Inn, The only inn in Whaltok

Fort Vlakash, all traffic to the Bael Turath Military District mush first stop at Fort Vlakash for inspection before being allowed to enter the mainland.

Fort Kragal,  traffic leaving Fort Vlakash for the mainland must land at Fort Kragal and be inspected once again before being allowed to continue on to their final destination.

Fort Deimaat, Fort in the Bael Turath Military District where the emperor's Bulette riders originate

Fort Hellgate, Capitol of the Bael Turath Military District.  Governed by Vœgrin Bloodaxe.  It sits in the middle of a massive 30' wall that guards the Infernal Wasteland from the rest of the empire.

The Infernal Wastelands,  after over 100 years, the lands around Bael Turath still show signs of the epic battle fought between the remaining forces of the Bael Turath Empire and the armies of Vahrgis.  Infernal forces still form within these lands from time to time and assault Fort Hellgate

The Ruins of Bael Turath, site of the final battle between the forces of Emperor Carniphagius Xeraphica and Vahrgis

The Spires of Elimelech, ruins in Bael Turath of a building of unknown purpose that sit above the Tomb of Samael StormRender.

The Tomb of Samael StormRender, resting place of the Lich Samael StormRender.  Also contained the last known Spelljammer, "The Eternal Night" until it was 'liberated' by Liberty's Lance.  SoSharra came here to obtain the ship since Liberty's Lance had beat her followers to the the deck plans in Fort Kavrelt, and the Helm Stone in the wreck of the Copper Chimera.  When she broke into the room that held the ship, she found Samael and his undead crew still aboard.  After a hard fought battle, Samael had to retreat to another part of his tomb, but he took the Helm Stone with him since it was his phylactery.  Samael and crew began summoning devils to assist him retake his ship, while SoSharra put out a call to all Scarlett followers to help her defeat Samael and obtain the Helm Stone. 

Viridistan, the City State of the World Emperor, Capital city of the World Empire.


Days of the Week

  • Zinday
  • Tobasday
  • Mithrandsday
  • Apothsday
  • Tempesday
  • Gladsday
  • Arielsday
Months of the Year
  • Springfest - 7 days
  • Zindiary - 28 days
  • Atlonimus - 28 days
  • Eliseary - 28 days
  • Summerfest - 7 days
  • Arielus - 28 days
  • Aaronstime - 28 days
  • Destinovré - 28 days
  • Autumnfest - 7 days
  • Turning - 28 days
  • Tempestus - 28 days
  • Coldcoming - 28 days
  • Winterfest - 7 days
  • Whitewind - 28 days
  • Glyssiary - 28 days
  • Snowdeep - 28 day

The Creation of Kirinth

The great and powerful Arch-Mage Apothstes looked upon his birth world with distaste. He had searched over it’s expanse for years looking for a place where there was no evil to be found, where he could relax and enjoy his few remaining years of life, but such a place was not to be found. In his disgust he destroyed an entire city immersed in evil with his powers, but this did not ease the weight from his heavy heart.

One day as he was rummaging through a moldy tome, an idea struck him. He quickly summoned an angel to send a message to Apothstes' Patron god. His patron came down to the material plane to congratulate Apothstes on his brilliant idea and gifted him with The Great Staff of the Arch-Magi, a lightning bolt 6 feet long endowed with tremendous power, as well as a cadre of elite angels led by an angel named Galadriel.

Apothstes and his assistants traveled to the plane of Elemental Chaos and began their task. First they gathered up large amounts of chaos, then drained out the entropic energy to form matter. Apothstes then shaped the matter into a cylinder of matter with a height equal to its diameter. On the top he formed a giant body of water surrounded by a lip of land formed to contain the water. He then formed islands across the great ocean. Moving father out, he then created a giant fire beast which was forced to circle about the central mass. So this would never try to escape it’s circular path Apothstes gave it it’s only desire in life, to try to catch up to a slightly glowing azure ball, but the beast only go as fast as the ball. The ball or moon created was controlled by a magical beast at its center which directed the moon around the central mass running from the flaming beast flying in close then farther away from the central mass so as to form the seasons. The group then moved back again and created a spheroid shell around the group and placed upon the shell constellations formed by varying brightness and colored glowing diamonds. Then Apothstes gave the shell a slow spinning and twisting motion. The group then moved this system to a secret location beyond the normal bounds of the cosmos.

Apothstes and his helpers then created an archway on the center of the cylinder’s top through which Apothstes opened a portal to his original world and brought forth from the arch creatures free from evil. After all the creatures Apothstes permitted to pass had gone through he arch, Apothstes closed it, sealing up the only entrance to his newly created world. He then constructed a tower of pure sapphire magically strengthened to guard the arch from unwanted visitors. The tower was garrisoned with a platoon of angels and the very top room, over one thousand feet up was the private sanctum of Apothstes himself.

All the while this was going on Iuz watched with greedy eyes and formed a plan of conquest. He polymorphed a pit fiend into a brownie, then hypnotized it to believe it was a brownie in all respects until a time when it was in Kirinth. He also gave his servant a cubic gate set on his kingdom’s marching field. The “brownie” was then offered the chance to live in a land without evil and it jumped at the chance. After 666 days in Kirinth the hypnotism wore off and the pit fiend named Belphagore recalled his mission. Belphagore opened the gate and called in Iuz and his army.

The army of Iuz marched across the lands of Kirinth crushing all who stood in their way. None were ready for the slaughter, for they had no reason to set up defenses or create their own armies. When Apothstes realized what had happened, he sent his cadre of angels across the world to gather an army to stop Iuz from conquering all of Kirinth. He chose the angel Galadriel to be the general of his army. Once his forces were gathered, he opened a massive portal and his forces clashed with the army of Iuz.

Realizing his army was not enough; Apothstes joined the battle at Galadriel's side as she battled the pit fiend Belphagore. Seeing this, Iuz also joined the battle. Each force was too evenly matched, so in an act of desperation for the fate of his newly created world, Apothstes shattered his Great Staff of the Arch-Magi upon Iuz, creating an unimaginable explosion, wiping out both armies in the process.

Little did he know, but the massive energy released with the sundering of his artifact caused many of the most powerful combatants on the field to instead be caught in Divine Fire, ascending them to godhood. Figures on both sides of the battle were bathed in the fires of divinity from Apothstes the Creator, Galadriel the Lightbringer, and Sir Geoffrey the Adjudicator, to Iuz the Destroyer, Belphagore the Deceiver, and Mithrandyr the Widower.

After the final battle between The Creator and The Destroyer for control of the disk world call Kirinth, the peoples who survived the conflagration spread throughout the lands to go about their new lives.

The Dragonborn of Arkhosia were the first empire builders on the central continent. They conquered nearly all of the continent save for the human city of Bael Turath.

Fearing they would soon be overrun by the more powerful armies of the Dragonborn, the humans of Bael Turath summoned vast hordes of demons to aid them in defeating the armies from Arkhosia. The pacts they made that night forever changed the people of Bael Turath, creating the race now called Tieflings.

The Empire of Bael Turath swept across the land crushing the empire of the Dragonborn, conquering all who stood before them. They ruled the land for centuries, the depravities they inflicted upon the land turned it into a hell on earth.

A young priest of the god of order and law named Vahrgis had had enough with of the evil inflicted around him and formed an army to defeat their Tiefling rulers. As his army of rebels began winning, he attracted an artificer named Eothyr who had a unique ability to create Warforged. With the help of these new troops their victories increased and thus attracted more people who wanted to overthrow the depraved rulers in Bael Turath; allies like the Hippogriff Riders of Cascade Shimmer, Eladrin who live behind a massive shimmering curtain of mystic energy in a remote mountain valley that only they and their hippogriff mounts know how to cross, and the Azer horde of PyreDeath, an Ancient Red Dragon who lives in the heart of an active volcano within the Burning Peaks.

The armies of Varghis conquered the empire of the Tieflings, scattering the remnants throughout the land. The high priest of The Lawgiver, Varghis formed what is now called the World Empire. It has stood under his harsh but fair rulership for over 100 years.

“The Long Night of Knives” happened nearly 20 years ago. The light of the sun and stars did not shine for 6 full days. On the 7th day, the sun rose again, but several gods had been slain, including The Lawgiver. The world was in chaos from the deaths of many gods and the affects of 6 days without sunlight, but Varghis managed to pull his people together though the priesthood of the dead god. Already a demigod, he was elevated to full godhead, taking the place of his patron as the god of Order.

The World Empire. Even the name speaks to the hubris of The Emperor, for he considers the lands under his control to be the only true civilization. He considers the lands outside his rule to be peopled by savages beneath his notice. Since his elevation to godhood, Vahrgis still considers himself the emperor, but running of the empire is handled by his priesthood, though the empire is not a true theocracy. He has never demanded his subjects worship him, since he conquered as a liberator, rather than as a grab for power.

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