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Phys. 625 QCD

Tuesday and Thursday  9:25-10:50 am Gilman 2354

  1. Yang-Mills theory 
  2. Classical solutions
  3. Quantization 
  4. Perturbation theory
  5. Phenomenological applications: DIS, jets etc.
  6. Evolution equations
  7. Chiral symmetry
  8. Quantum anomalies
  9. Confinement 

Useful Texts:
  1. K. Huang "Quarks, leptons & gauge fields", 2nd edition. 
  2. M. Peskin and D. Schroeder, "An introduction to quantum field theory"
  3. Ellis, Stirling and Webber, "QCD and collider physics"
  4. F. Yndurain, "The theory of quark and gluon interactions", 4th edition. 

Home Assignments:

Will be given in class 

Office Hours:

By arrangement. 


Average of the midterms and the final exam. 

Lecture notes

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