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Software by Kirill Karpelson

  1. The Photo Collage 1.0 Perl script (this is command line only, no GUI, sorry!) creates a collage of slightly overlapping photos. Usage is inside as comments, or just run it without arguments. Should work on Windows command line with ActivePerl installed, or in the cygwin environment. Might also work on Unix/Linux but would probably require minor changes ('/' would need to be changed into '\', or vise versa).                                                                       
  2. Would you like to read russian ebooks on your iPod Touch or iPhone? Here's one solution. jRasterBook 1.1 is a Java 1.6.0_03 SWT program for Windows (only). I know it sounds weird - why would a Java program be only for Windows? Well, it's because it uses IE behind the scenes and I haven't figured out how to replicate the needed functionality with Mozilla on Linux. That would be version 2 (if ever) and all advice is most welcome! Meanwhile, download the zip file (it includes source code!), unzip it into a new directory somewhere (C:\Program Files\jRasterBook  is a good choice) and read the readme.txt file about how to use it. Here's what it does: given a html file with text that could be properly displayed in IE, it can break that text into iPod Touch (or iPhone)-sized pages, and generate images of those pages. Then you can sync up that image album (using iTunes, for example) with your iPod or iPhone and can read an ebook on your Apple device! As an added benefit, each page has a big semi-transparent page number drawn on it, so you can easily see where you left off on iPhone's images thumbnail view.  (This is a shameless remake of RasterBook, which worked for me but only for English texts. When it came to accomplishing the same for Russian text it failed. Hence my effort above.) Enjoy responsibly.

Collage Example:

jRasterBook Screenshot: