Services & Specialties

Just to save you and us time, We do not work on chassis (that means motor brakes transmissions fuel lines or tanks, that sort of thing).

We are warranty provider for most R.V. appliance manufacturers. We also do inspections. Are you new to the R.V. world, I can show you how everything works on your coach and how to make your trips more enjoyable. We often go out on a call only to find out the customer was just never shown how to use properly use there RV equipment. It is real sad how dealers spend 15 min. with a customer and send them down the road. A  walk-thru should take well over 1.5 hrs if done right .

Have you had an electrical problem that your having trouble solving? Then give me a call, When it comes to electrical we get called in by several shops in the area to solve what they cant. We get a great deal of satisfaction out of solving what others cant. guess you could say we have a knack for it. So if your Batteries, Converter, stereo, lighting (inside or out), electric steps or switches are giving you trouble, we are the ones to call.


We can replace you awning or your awning Material and or hardware. We can upgrade you awning to make it electric with the push of a button.


We can repair or replace your old antenna or install a manual or fully automatic satellite antenna. Maybe you would like to upgrade to HDTV, We can handle it.

Water leaks

Got a water leak from your roof, shower, water lines, holding tanks, valves, toilet or pump?  We are the one to call.

Servicing Orange County for over 15 years

No service call fee if your coach is within 15 miles of Disneyland (1hr min.).
Rubber Roofing

Who knows why they use rubber for roofing these days (other than its cheaper and easier for the manufacture) but almost all coaches out there are made with Rubber Roofs and what a nightmare they can be. This is a piece of new rubber roof material. To me it looks like and inner-tube with a wight coating on it.
And this is the same thing on a 1998 Jayco travel trailer taken in 2011.

To prevent this you can catch it before it gets this bad and have me coat it with EPDM roof coating (which is guaranteed for 5 years but should last around 10 virtually doubling the life of your roof) or wait till it get's this bad and have us or another shop coat or replace it after and pay much more. most shops charge over 3 thousand for a replacement roof! what is the old adage, a stitch in time.