Why Use Kirby's Mobile RV Repair

You can take the time to role everything up, drive or pull your coach to a shop and explain your issues with a service writer who isn't even going to do the repair. then go pick your unit up, not even knowing what was really done to your unit at $100+ an hour by a technician that if your lucky might have 5 or 10 years exp. (the RVIA will label people with under 5 years exp and never so much as hung an awning in there life as an Master Technician).
You can call us. We have been working on R.V.s for 30 years. We come to you, you tell us first hand what the problem is and we do the work right in front of you. We don't have any problem with you looking over our shoulders as some times what you tell us as we work often leads me right to the problem. If a person really knows what they are doing why would they care if someone looks over there shoulder! We can then explain what caused it and how to prevent it if possible.

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