Ayurveda cure for Arthritis, back pain, Neck pain, Knee Pain,Slip disc


Dear friends, it is always possible for you to come out of Back pain, Arthritis, slip disk ,knee pain and joint pain etc without any operation. What is the truth behind slip disc and bone related disease? The term slipped disc it self is wrong. No disc can slip and every doctors are fooling  by using the term slipped disc. Actually you might have heard about Prolapsed Disc, Herniated Disc, Protruding Disc,  Degenerated disc, extruded Disc, Sequestrated disk etc. As per medical books the term Prolapsed disc means” the protrusion or extrusion of the nucleus pulposus through a rent in the annulus fibrosus-“ Essential ortho  paedics page 227. So actually Nucleus pulposus is bulging and it is due to inflation.Actually the real words should be A Part of Nucleus pulposus herniated, protruding,extruded,sequestrated like that it is to be defined. The term slip disk is not at all true. So no one should use the word slipped disk and the word itself is wrong. One Dr KM yacob did much experiment with back pain and found that the so called operation is not at all useful for such patients. He says that the term slip disc and other cause of back pain is not at all true. He has written a book regarding that and you can order that book from www.marmatreatment.com AND THAT BOOK COST IS ONLY 100 RUPEES. I will not suggest his treatment for the patients, but I assure that the so called operation for all types of pain is a failure in allopath. The example is the case of my own relative, they are educated and due to back pain they went for operation and after operation they found that the pain is more and now he is taking pain killers and living with the pain. DR K M YACOB HAS DECLARED A CASH PRIZE FOR 01 LACK TO ANY ONE WHO PROVES THAT HIS CLAIMS ARE NOT TRUE. You know that case of Tamil actress Viji . She did an operation for back pain, and it was carried out one famous hospital in Chennai and it is having branches all over India. After operation her pain increased so she filed a lawsuit to recover 20 lakh from Hospital. Hospital authority know that they will fail in the case, so they came to an agreement outside the court and gave 12 Lakh rupees and after that ude to unbearable pain that actress committed suicide. In Thrissur also a similar case is reported. A daily wager women had back pain and went to the doctor, doctor said that after operation she will be able to work like before. She pawned her home and land to get the money and did the operation. After operation the pain did not go, when she told to the doctor he told that the pain will go slowly. At Last that women committed suicide with her child by jumping to a well. Many people will find that after the operation they are not able to bent, sit, stand or walk. You know the real story of our ex prime minister Vajapaiji. He did operation for his knee and now his condition is worse than before, if a prime minster could not recover from his problem, what about the common men like you and me. Actually as per Dr yacob the real cause of all this problem is inflammation in the muscles of the body. So his treatment is to dissolve that inflation and the treatment is over, WHEN YOU HAVE SPRAIN YOU FIND THAT THAT AREA IS RED AND APINFULL BECAUSE THERE IS INFLAMMATION THERE, WHEN THE INFLAMMATION IS GONE THEN THE PAIN ALSO GONE AND IT IS NOTHING TO OD WITH THE BONE, SO OPERARION IS NOT THE SOLUTION. Dr Mark Hyden is also have the same opinion and all the disease is due to the inflation in the body, so you cure the inflation and the disease is gone.

The main cause of all the pain is Vata. You know after 50 all this problem start, due to drying quality of Vata all the lubrication dries up and you find all pain in neck, spine and joint. The diagnosis is as simple as that. Just consider the example of an unused car, bike or lock. After long time it is very difficult to operate them. If the lock is rusted it is very difficult to move them, then you apply some oil and move them few times then you find that it is moving. So oil application is one of the best ways to cure all types of Arthritic complaints including back pain. Ayurveda gives an example, if an old wooden log is daily massaged with the oil then we can easily bent them, like wise if you apply oil and heat to your body part and then you will find that it is very easy to move them. The oil and heat is opposite to the quality of Vata. Working in AC and drinking and eating cold food is very dangerous for all type of arthritis. The cold nature of all this things again makes your problem worse, because the cold increase the vayu. The hardening of the joint is also due to excess Vata. When you apply more hot oil and massage you will find that the difficulty reduces. As per my experience any type of back pain can be controlled within days, and you should have some patience. First and most important is rest. The vayu is locked or trapped between muscle and due to that inflation appears there and you feel the pain. By applying life style change if you can remove the inflation then the pain will go automatically. Some people are very restless, the moment they have pain, immediately they consult some doctors and if it is not cured within days they will opt for surgery, then their pain is not going to end. Some people are ready to spend their life in hospital but they cannot take rest in home. The best way is to take complete rest and you should consume everything hot. The patient should not spend his time in AC or should not take any cold drink. He should be given Kanji or broken wheat porridge. As per me the most important reason for all type of pain is constipation. You examine any patient and you will see that he is constipated, so the Vayu in his body is trapped and it cause the inflation and the result is pain. One of the easiest treatment in Ayurveda is a purgation with castor oil and you will find good improvement in a day. You should follow life style modification and for that kindly read my post how to come out of all disease. You will find that knee pain patient always suffer from constipation, kindly never resort to MRI or CT scan, if you find that the nerve root is compressed by inflation then do not worry, when the inflation goes then the pressing of nerve also goes and believe me everything is reversible. You know that MRI and Ct scan expose you to high radiation and it is of no use. You know in Ayurveda disease is caused by vitiation of Vata, pitta and Kapha and no MRI or Ct scan show it. I know one patient who suffered headache for 25 years and the CT scan result of head  gives no clue, because I know that it is the internal heat that is giving a head ache. When I see some patient see the MRI result and worry about the disc complaint, I feel pity ofr the patients, because no disc is ever slipped or protruded, it is the fluid within the spine it is bulging and reason is very simple inflation, by appropriate treatment you can reduce the inflation and the pain is fine, but instead you try to do operation then you are going to land up in trouble. You are going to create permanent damage for you. Kindly hear the word of DR Arun, neurosurgeon in Manoram Arogyam Aug 2005, page number 52, he says that” all type of Back pain can be cured by complete bed rest and no other treatment is required. The operation should be resorted as the last treatment.” You know that by operation you are not removing the basic cause that is inflation, so your disease cannot be cured by any doctors.

Ayurveda has got right solution for all the problems. If the pain is very high then the right treatment is kadivasti. In this treatment the hot oil is kept in the lower back with the help of some ring or black gram for specific duration. The kalari massage is an excellent solution for it. You can do normal Ayurveda massage also, but see that you are using the right kind of the oil as per your dosha. Many people do not know what type of dosha is vitiated so they apply wrong oil and the result is not good. I know some masseurs and most of them use same oil for all patients and it is very wrong. Some use the left over oil after therapy and it all going to harm you. If you plan to do Panchakarma then read my post about panchakarma. YOU CAN CURE ALL BACK PAIN BY COMPLETE BED REST AND TAKING LIGHT DIET LIKE KANJI OR PORRIDGE AND SEE THAT YOU ARE NOT CONSTIPATED AND YOU WILL FIND THAT WITHIN 01 WEEK YOU WILL COME OUT OF ALL TYPE OF BACK PAIN. All back pain patient and arthritic patient should leave the tea and coffee forever. It not only creates more constipation, it also cause inflation due to sugar and it cause acidity and it is the root cause of all inflation. So permanently you have to leave it. The next try to leave all pulses or dhal, because of its astringent property it causes constipation and gas. Try to avoid curd and excess chilly. I have experienced back pain occasionally and some time it was severe and lasted for at least a week. I smilingly accepted the reality and changed my diet to easily digestible one, did some oil massage and took some hot water and hot bath, so within a week you can cure almost all type of back pain.  When your body is hot and immediately take cold bath then you will get back pain immediately. So see that you do not take bath after some strenuous work and also see that after taking food never go for a bath.

Now let us see some treatment. I heard that in Andhra Pradesh a village is there and its name is Putthakar and in this village some villager treat broken bone with some stick, more information is not available. In olden days I have seen the local treatment by my father. When he get back pain he het some oil and apply it in his back. Then my mother would either apply Tamarind leaves or kunnikkuru leaves. The leaves will stick to the body till the problem is over, when the problem is over it automatically falls off. I have never done it personally, because never suffered from severe back pain, readers can try it. Another method is to apply veliparuthi plant, make a paste and apply it. Another treatment is hip bath, you can boil some water with some tamrind leaves, castor leaves, jack fruit tree leaves, vatham kolli and drumstick leaves. After that in a tub you can sit in this hot water, the water should be at least at the level of naval and you have to continue this treatment for at least two weeks. You can also try to take 25 ml Black Nirgundi or Karunochi leaf juice with 10 ml castor oil. In Kerala peole do Ilakkizhi, podikkizhi and lemon kizhi etc for the problem and I have seen that merely using Ilakkizhi the paralyzed people walk back to their home. I have seen many knee pain patients and always advice them to do oil massage and after few days they call meback and tell me that they have not got any improvement. I ask the oil used and they show Mahanarayana Thailam and you know the cost is very high for 100ml bottle, so they take few drops and apply and they say it is not affective. Whenever you do massage your legs or back then use at least 25ml oil,the more oil the faster the result. First heat it and then apply it for half an hour and after one hour you can take bath in hot water and never use soap to remove the oil, instead use lemon to wash it. The best oil for all this problem you can make it in home. Take one liter of oil and add 100gm of crushed garlic and boil it till done. You can use it as a universal remedy for all types of pain. You can also use neem oil for the massage and it is very effective, our Asaramji bapu used to give 100mi neem oil for just 10 rupees and now it is not at all available. Whatever you get in the name of gingili oil you should not take from shop, one kilo of sesame seeds cost around 250 rupees and you get this oil for 150 Rupees, so just imagine the quality of the oil, you know that it is white kerosene and essence and color is added to it to make it gingili oil. Be careful while you purchase any oil from the market.

You can expose your body to sunlight or you can work in your kitchen garden for some time, you get organic vegetable and you can avoid all your physical problem. When you live a sedentary life all this things affects you. If you can practice yoga daily then you can prevent it till the end of your life. I have seen 80 years old person doing garbasana, and it need a lot of flexibility, even a young child cannot do it, but if you practice yoga daily then you can come out of all the problems. I have seen most of the patients are house wife who do not have exercise and most of them are very fat, so doing yoga or running is out of question for them, if you have a will then there is a way. First start with prananyama for at least an hour two times a day, start with Anuloma viloma and kabalabadi along with that start walking morning and evening, after one month you will find that your body is less heavy then you can do warm up exercise then do suryanamaskar or sun salutation for one month and by third month you will be able to do all type of Yoga. My experience shows that one hour running is equal to 10 hours of walk.If you start running then all your problem will vanish in no time. In Kerala people try Karkkada chiitsa in the month of July. The most important is Karkkada Kanji . Special Kanji is prepared with locally available plant like Dasapushpam, bala, cumin seeds, Ashali,idinjil,fenugreek etc and they consume it for one week. The corresponding medicine in north India is Kitchedi. At least you have to take this mono diet for a week to improve your digestion. You know the cause of all arthritis is weak digestion and deposit of the Ama in the joint. By Yoga the heat is increased and the body start using the Ama, when you are in a mono diet then your digestion will increase and the Agni will consume all the Ama so you get  a free treatment. If you can consume your own urine it is also a good medicine, you can massage your body with one week old urine and you will find that within one week your mobility increase like anything and you will be surprised with your progress. If you are not able to do that then before bath rub your knee with fresh urine and you find marked improvement within three days with only urine massage. The urine contains more than 200 active components and some components are very costly components and it is used to dissolve heart block and some are used for the treatment for infertility and believe me the medicine from Urine itself is a million dollar industry. If you want a fair skin then wash your face with fresh urine and I assure you that  no cosmetics In the market will give you such fast result.

I have a request with all the patients. Never allow any doctors to perform any surgery on your heart or back bone or brain. They are very vital parts, you can allow doctors to operate your hands or legs, but never this vital organs. No doctor can substitute the original with any duplicate and a small mistake can hamper your life forever. You know Stephen Hawking, he is the most famous scientist and many times he was operated and doctors removed even his vocal cord, I am sure that if he had resorted to Ayurveda treatment then he would not have suffered like that. I know the western diet is mainly consist of all type of junk food and the use of refined oil is so much, they also use baking a lot, cold food is common, red meat is common all this contribute for the problem, kindly go to page one and read my page how to come out of all disease. After the back operation one year is passed and my relative is still in pain, they do not believe in Mother Nature so we cannot help him.

One of the easiest way to cure your knee pain and joint pain is to use castor leaf bandage in the night, apply some oil in knee and apply some oil in the castor plant leaf and tie it in knee or back bone with the help of another cloth, let it remain there for the entire night, next day you remove it. It is the most simple treatment and very effective, believe me it  is a potent treatment and without surgery you can cure all your knee and back bone problems, it is specially benefit for swelling. You can also use Dhatura or Ummathu plant, or you can use Aak or Erukku plant,, or you can use even papaya leaves instead of it. In knee swelling you can grind drumstick leaves and salt and bandage it. The castor plant leaf is very beneficial for all types of swelling and within one day you find the result and by its use you can avoid all type of knee surgery and back bone surgery. You have to stop the use of Packet milk immediately and it is very harmful and cause inflation in body. Some women sit 10 hours in front of the TV to watch the serial and their problem even God cannot solve, someone sleep at 0100PM and getup after 0900PM and their problem also God cannot solve. If you have money you should be able to use it, otherwise that money has no use. Money cannot give you health, that you have to earn yourself. The modern doctors not only take out all your money ,they may also hasten your journey to heaven. You know that some foreign Pharmacy companies earn billion of rupees by over charging medicine. Especially some medicine for cancer by Indian companies cost 10000 rupees per month and the same drug by international company cost 120000 rupees per month. Some doctors specially give such medicine for patient and the pharmacy company arrange for the foreign tour of the doctors. Believe me for all back pain MRI and CT scan is absolutely not required, earlier all types of such problem was tackled only with internal medicine, by the heating nature of the medicine the inflation is cured and the nerves are free and thus pain is gone forever, but now even Ayurveda doctors are asking for scan report and you know the incentive story for it ,they get commission of the scan. The poor patient thinks that if the scan is not taken then he will not be cured and the wrong education makes people to believe that. WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE THE BACK PAIN NO SCAN S REQUIRED BECAUSE INFLATION IS THE ROOT CAUSE, SO WHEN INFLATION IS CURED THEN THE PAIN WILL GO, OPERATION IS ONLY PALLIATIVE AND NOT PERMENENT SOLUTION. Punarnava is the drug of choice to reduce the internal inflation. If you want the cheapest treatment then you may get admitted in any government Ayurveda hospital and they will take care of all your problems. If you take few fenugreeks seeds in the night and drink hot water it is good for knee problem but never take it in the morning, you should consume it in the night before sleeping, 25 seeds will be sufficient.

I shall tell one more things regarding the inefficiency of the so called learned doctors. You go to doctor regarding long back pain and he will  never ask you regarding the condition of your stomach like digestion, any other serious condition. His first instinctive action will be asking you for an MRI or CT scan. He is only interested in your back or knee or neck, what caused that condition in the neck, back or knee he is not interested to know. This is one of the main drawbacks of the allopathic medicine. When he gives you medicine to take, he is least interested to know how it reaches the hands, legs and back. When you take any medicine orally it reaches every cells in our body and it cause it s effects in every part of the body. So if you take a medicine for back pain it also affects your kidney,lungs, heart and liver. The approach should not be to take individual organs separately, it is to be taken   holistically  and allopath fails miserably in that aspect. So same way any disturbance in the digestion also can cause many problems in many parts of the body. If the digestion is not proper then the proper nutrients will not be formed and the repair works of the whole body is hampered and due to that your knee, back and neck is not getting right nutrients and they cannot function properly, the solution is not the replacement of the knee joint or hip joint, the right solution is to make your digestion perfect and by which all of your organ can repair itself. THIS IS A SIMPLE FACT BUT IT HAS GOT A PROFOUND IMPLICATION IN THE TREATEMNT. If your digestion is not proper then the excess Vata may be formed and this vata inflict pressure in the body parts or it may even get locked in a particular part and cause inflation and pain. Until the constipation isnot cleared this problem is not going to be solved permanently. It is like Pitta or increased heat in the body, it cause expansion and ulcers in the body. If pitta is increased then liver will swell and doctor will tell liver cirrhosis, he will ask you to remove it surgically and after surgery he will tell that it affected your kidney and ask you to remove your kidney and later on he will tell that it affected your brain and it keep on going like that, and until the root cause is not solved the problem is not solved. The orthodox medicine never admit the Vata, Pitta and Kapha concept and thus miserably fail to treat the condition permanently. In Ayurveda they take it holistically and they treat it from the root. So minor constipation may be the cause of the back pain but they will ask for the scan and all sorts of things and they make you sick for ever. Due to constipation excess vata will be formed and due to that the pressure will be inserted in spine and it cause all the back problems and they say that disc is slipped and all sorts of rubbish things. Some time the medicine will act in a way that the pain is not known to you and you thing that the pain is gone, actually so many pills act as a sedative and the pain is there and actually you are not aware of that. After operation you will be given  some sedative and you are blissfully not aware of the pain, it is just like anesthesia, the pain is there but you are not aware of it. You thanks the doctor and go to your home, after some time again pain start and a long time relation will start and all your time and money will be lost for the treatment. STOMACH DESORDERS ARE THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL YOUR NECK,BACK ,KNEE AND SPINE PROBLEMS. When you are young your digestion is peak so no Ama will be produced but as you grow old your stomach is not perfect and you experience all sorts of problems. You take light diet, improve your digestion, and do exercise like yoga and change your life style, then all your problem will be vanished forever and you need no surgery at all.

Now I am going to give some additional information. Physical disease is a hindrance for our life and there is no doubt about it. It is also hindrance for our spiritual life. We should try to come out of our disease by natural methods like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy. The physical health is our birth right, but the more important is our mental health. If we lose our mental health we are bound to lose our physical health. The ancestors gave more importance to mental health. Of course the disease in our body affects our mind and the sickness of our mind affects our body, both are interrelated. Still we should try to give more important to mental health than our physical health because our mind is thousand times more powerful than our body. If it is sick it gives many fold suffering and if it is healthy it give much happiness. We normally think that if we come out of our physical disease we will be happy, certainly we will be happy. Still there is many more suffering in our life. The birth itself is suffering, because once we take birth we have to experience sickness, old age and death. Not only that there are many other types of suffering. In our life we want pleasant experience to happen, we do not want unpleasant experience.  Everyone is facing unpleasant experience and it makes us miserable. Even if we become the emperor of the whole world, still unpleasant things will happen in our life also because no one can ward off old age and death in our life. Even the best doctors in this world have to die because of disease. Today we have one disease and tomorrow we will have some other disease and disease itself is a part of the life and still we should try to come out of the physical disease. Even the enlightened people get disease

We cannot avoid disease and death and all the associated suffering of the life. We can change our attitude and come out of suffering. We can rewire our mind to make our suffering less. We can also stop our unwanted fear towards disease and death by strengthening our mind. For that we all need some mental exercise. We all do physical exercise but to live happily we need  some mental exercise. We know the mental health is more important than physical health and for that you may practice Vipassana meditation, for more information you may please log on to www.dhamma.org.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR CURING PHYSICAL OR MENTAL DISEASE AND NO ONE SHOULD GO THERE FOR THAT, BUT WE SHOULD GO THERE FOR COMING OUT OF ALL MISERIES OF THE LIFE AND TO FULLFILL THE LIFE AIM OF SELF REALISATION OR TRUTH REALISATION. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT TO ATTEND THIS COURSE WE NEED PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH. THESE MEDITATION CENTERS ARE NOT TREATING CENTERS BUT THEY ARE SPIRITUAL CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH. This course will strengthen our mind, so we will be able to observe all the suffering with equanimity. The aim of this meditation is to just to understand the true nature of our body and mind. We don’t understand the true nature of our body and mind and this course will enable you to understand your true nature. It is a ten day course and you have to stay in the center for ten days and you have to observe ten days silence and any religious people can get benefit out of this course, it is completely non sectarian and there is no conversion. The course is free but at the end you can donate if you wish, the entire course run because of the donation of previous students. I request all my readers to attend the course to strengthen their mind. BEFORE THAT SEE THAT WE SHOULD BE HEALTHY TO ATTEND THE COURSE. The ultimate aim of our life is self realization or truth realization and this course will be very helpful to everyone. I had been doing many spiritual practices for many years and I am having more than 30 years of experience and I strongly recommend this meditation for all my readers. After they come out of their serious ailment they should give a trial to this meditation and judge themselves about the benefit. We will never lose anything, but certainly we will gain many things. Please understand that in school and college we were taught material things and material things will never give us ultimate happiness, but the spiritual training will certainly provide ultimate happiness because by practice we will understand that no sensual pleasures are eternal. Whatever pleasures we derive out of our 5 sensory organ and mind will soon or later will change to pain. We will understand this practically that the end of all pleasure is pain and the end of all pain is pleasure. I want that all my readers should be happy and peaceful in all respect. So my intention is to make you happy physically as well as mentally, so it is my duty to give information for both physical and mental well beings. I know that merely coming out of physical problem will not give ultimate happiness to us. So it is very much essential to give information regarding spiritual aspects, which is the reason for giving information regarding Vipassanan meditation. If I am not giving this information then I think that I have not done my duty properly. So I hope that I have done my duty properly. So be cheerful and be optimistic, for every problem in the life there is a solution and the solution lies within every one of us. So once again wish  all speedy recovery from your problem. May all enjoy perfect health and Happiness.


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