About me

Engineers can make Things Beautiful but They can't enjoy the Beauty of the Things
....Kiran Nevaskar

Whole Universe can be expressed in terms of Mathematical Expression
....Kiran Nevaskar

Hi I am Kiran Nevaskar.

Technology is in my blood.      

Electronics & Astronomy is my hobby.              

Since my school days I am doing projects on Electronics.
I have more than 13+ years experience in building, designing Electronic gadgets & 8+ years of programming Micro-Controllers.

What drives me crazy: I am always fascinated with the development in science, especially in the field of electronics. I love to make things perfect.

Research & Techinical Activity:

I am implementing MP3 decoder using Verilog Language.

I have worked with Altera's NIOSII Soft Core Processor. Developing some Micro-controller peripheral for NIOSII Soft Core Processor.

I have worked with Xilinx System Generator & MATLAB to implement FFT Algorithm on FPGA. Also I am familiar with the process of model based code generation using MATLAB.

I have used PIC18F4550 Micro-controller. It is featured with USB interface. With this interface application can communicate with host computer and firmware can be programmed with USB boot-loader. To know how to do click here or go to Files.