Kangaroo Island Pioneers Association (KIPA)
celebrating the birthplace of South Australia.

KIPA was established in 1983 and aims to promote Kangaroo Island's magnificent history today.

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Competition closes end of May !
For young people still at school on Kangaroo Island.  Submit a "publishable project" on any aspect of Kangaroo Island's wonderful history. The winner will be presented with the Dene and Dianne Cordes Kangaroo Island History Award and a cheque for $100 on Settlement Day 2017. Entries close end of May.  Posters are now appearing around Kangaroo Island. Click here to learn more.
See also advertising and news articles in the Islander during Feb-Mar 2017.

Recently added
  • The murder of George Meredith who lived at Western River c.1827-1834 and reputedly buried a fortune there.
  • The history of Faith, Hope and Charity - the houses built c.1857 by the Calnan brothers using their goldfields wealth.
  • We now have a Religion page, examining the history of the churches on K.I.. We have been fortunate enough to secure "Aspects of the Catholic Presence on Kangaroo Island 1900-1992", reproduced with permission from the Adelaide Catholic Archives. 
  • Real Live Stories of South Australia (Chronicle 1932-1937) compiled by David Wilson. Once on the site, use the "Search this site" for "Kangaroo Island" and you'll find reader contributions.
  • 21st Anniversary - Majority of the Colony of South Australia. An instructive potted history of how South Australia commenced and survived the first 21 years (newspaper article).
  • PASA amends its constitution to allow a later cut off date (28 Dec 1846) for membership
  • Considerable controversy persists as to who was the first European migrant to set foot ashore in South Australia. Was it Samuel Stephens? Or was it Elizabeth Beare? See our Position Statement.
  • Address by our Patron Vickie Chapman to the Pioneers Association of South Australia annual dinner
  • The wonderful old Kingscote Police Station and Courthouse has been added to our Signs pages. Read at your leisure the interesting information on the three signs.
  • We believe we have identified almost all the World War II Soldiers for Kangaroo Island.  And to commemorate Vietnam Veterans Day on 18 Aug 2016 we have published a list of known KI Vietnam Veterans on our Soldiers after WW2 page.
  • Families now including the descendants of  :  OSTERSTOCK, Andrew George (1850-1908); FLORANCE, John Biggen (1845-1902); GEISLER, Johann Carl Heinrich (c.1867-1946); CARR, Hampden, Dr. (1868-1932) and COOPER, Emmie Bevan (1875-1975); LITTLELY, John (1836-1917) married Frances DEALY (1840-1925); WHITTLE, Uriah (1827-1893) (son Albert married Marianne BOXER nee HAMILTON); KRUEGER, Johann Ewald Franz (1859-1947); WIADROWSKI, Anton (1851-1935); GOBELL, James (1803-1884); BURGESS, Alfred Charles (1832-1890) of MacGillivray married Margaret DEALY (1834-1903); BARRETT, Francis Thomas (1853-1901); BARR, Robert (1832-1937); STIRLING, Alfred (1866-1937); McINTYRE, William Neil (1861-1918) marrying into the JONES, GRIFFITHS and BURGESS familes; JONES, William Daniel (1854-1938) (large family from Delamere, marrying into the WALLER families); Edward POTTER (1844-1929); James RATCLIFF (1873-1945); Thomas RANSOM (1859-1893); Hannah CHARLESWORTH (MURRAY, EBERT, DAVIDSON) (1826-1907); Nat THOMAS (1802-1879) and Betsy - one of the earliest families on KI, marrying into the Simpson, Barrett, Seymour and Waller families.
  • Here is an historic video of the manufacture of eucalyptus oil by F.H.Faulding about 1927, courtesy of Emu Ridge.