Here is a list of the Dark Ages tools that Kiomi has found. Downloads are being provided on an "as-is" basis. Because any 3rd party program could be malicious, you will want to take the best measures you can to protect yourself. You will want to make sure that you have robust, up-to-date security software installed on your computer. It is also good to make sure windows is fully patched and up-to-date. (NOTE: Kiomi recommends that people with very little knowledge of computer security avoid using these tools)

Kiomi makes no claims to the quality, safety, or legality of any of these programs, with the exception of the tools listed under "Kiomi's Stuff".

Please contact me at kiomisoft at if:

  • If you know of tools that are not in this list
  • If you know of a vulnerability in any of these programs
  • If one of these tools has a more recent version
  • If you know of a new task that a program is needed for

Popular tools From Assorted Authors

DAWnd 3 (Windowing utility)
Sleephunter 3-v1.2.1
DA Map Renderer-1.2.a
EPF Tool
"~" Key Disabler

BioMagus's Programs ( click here for BioMagus's own programs page ) 

~Updates Coming Soon~
DAData.xml-v7.28 (you will need this for most of Bio's programs)


Kiomi's Stuff

~Updates Coming Soon~
Kiomi's MemSnapper (public) (screenshot utility)
Kiomi's Map Pack(1855 maps, updated february 2009)
Kiomi's B-Walker(item grabber)
Kiomi's KeyRing (public BETA)-login tool / password manager
Kiomi's StayPut (public BETA)-Sleep-login tool
Kiomi's Polishing Assistant-(bug avoiding tool)
Kiomi's MapList Maker-(MS-Dos batch file)
Kiomi's PingTest-(MS-Dos batch file)


Miscellaneous tools From Assorted Authors

Dark Ages DAT file Extractor
Dark Ages Music Editor
Vorlof Macro Editor-v1.10
Vorlof Macro Editor-v1.08
YAMI Loader
Korean Windower --- -(config file)
Tool v3
DA Loader 2


The following seem to be broken in DA's current version

Dark Ages Transparency Effect-(Broken)
Dark Ages Quick (Secure) Login-(Broken)
Dark Ages Macro Combo Program-(Broken)
DrKenneth's Dark Ages Dreamer-(Broken)
Dark Ages Sleeper-(Broken)
DAWnd 2-(Archival Copy)