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Club Secretary Procedures


Contacting Galway FA

Coaches are not allowed to contact the Galway FA themselves, all communication to the Galway FA must go through the Club Secretary.

Contacting KUFC Club Secretary

Normal correspondence to Kinvara Club Secretary should be by email to Replies to meeting invites can be returned via email or text. No not use viber, facebook or other social media platforms to contact KUFC club secretary.

Notifications of unavailability for matches

Known unavailability due to communions etc. should be notified to the club secretary as soon as dates are known.

Unavailability due to extenuating circumstances should be notified at least 2 weeks in advance to the club secretary. In the course of the season each coach will have one fixture change considered outside the emergency category below. For the avoidance of doubt fixture changes within  2 weeks will not be considered 

Expectations of reply from KUFC Club Secretary

You should receive a reply from Liam within 24 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays). You should not follow up on your initial enquiry without 24 hours elapsing. Liam has family and work commitments like everyone else and this is a purely voluntary role.

Emergency procedures

  1. You should email all the correspondence and reasons for the emergency via email to in advance of the phone call.
  2. Phone Liam on (087) 649 0109

If club secretary is unavailable and it is an emergency, the club chairman can take all issues.

If coaches abuse the emergency procedure, this will be taken into account when coach makes contact in future.

What constitutes an emergency?

  1. Death of an immediate family member of a player or coach of a KUFC group, that would automatically warrant a fixture postponement.

What DOES NOT constitute an emergency?

  1. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on the club secretary.
  2. Be aware of deadlines, especially transfer deadlines, request for input to meetings, AGM etc.
  3. ANY fixture change request for any reason whatsoever except those listed above.
  4. ANY normal correspondence to the club, or committee.

Changes to this procedure

If you have any issue or constructive comments on this procedure you can send it to the coach liaison officer Caitriona on