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Educate to Retain People


Retaining people is one of the most challenging problem for the progressive organizations today.

Educating employees (not by the degrees but by knowledge) and providing conducive environment is the only positive solution to this problem.

We can buy, bid for the machines but people need to be honored.

Purchased machines are overhauled after some time.

People should also be developed to get best out of them (by their hearty contribution).

Yes!!! Machines are replaced by new versions.

New people should also be inducted with new skills.

Everyone loves his/her first school, college, university and the organization.

Conducive (friendly) environment brings the trained people back to the origin company.

Let people leave the organization happily and keep the doors wide open for their comeback.

Good organizations always look for long-term gains.

Knowledge imparted today will in return provide large benefit tomorrow.