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Add One More Dimension to Enrich Your Life


To acheive real success, we need to carry out various activities in balanced manner. These activities may be related to physical, mental, spritual, financial, etc. developments. Often we feel irritated while doing undesired/underrated activities. With little bit attention or planning, if we add up one more dimension in our every (at least which we don't like) activity, we will add up more value in every action.

It is another way of looking the world in positive manner. That is the way of making our lives more successful.

What normally happens before?

      • Fraustration of wasting time
      • Feel of working with lower grade people
      • Bad relations with friends & relatives, boss, subordinate
      • Unable to take out time for required activities
      • Bad health

What may be achieved by adding up one more dimension?

      • All the problems and shortcomings can be overcome upto a certain extent

How to go?

      • Look up at your activities and find where you feel wasting your time
      • Look up your wish list (hope you must have prepared)
      • Select on of the activity (related) and join it with first (time wasting, which you feel) and carryout both the activities simultaneously

What is new?

      • Nothing is new in this saying.
      • We normally do the same in our lives e.g. reading newspaper with sip of tea
      • Yes. These two activities are performed easily and one need not to spare additional time
      • But here we need to accept that both the activities we are doing of our interest.

What happens when we are required to carryout non-interesting activities?

      • Yes here the problem arise.
      • Same principle need to be applied
      • A little bit careful planning is required
      • That is what many successful people did in their lives. One must remember that in most of the activities, if one is unable to takeup another activity in parallel, it means that activity needs perfection and more attention is required. For example, learning a vehicle, initially we require careful attention. But once perfection is achieved, we gossip with with other while driving.
      • Thus a little bit conciousness is required to add up the activities or a bit careful planning will serve the purpose.

Typical Examples:

          • Long Distance Travelling - Travelling time need to be combined with book reading
          • New Assignment Working - Add a factor of learning alongwith routine activity
          • Dressing up Kids - Provide good teachings/ habbits alongwith dressing up kids
          • Useless Meetings - Take alongwith some assignment or brainstorming points