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Puzzle Between Core Industry & IT


"Novel Products @ Low Price" is always a need of Human Growth. Increasing available utilities/ features with reducing price of various new generation electronic products like computers, mobiles, etc. are some of the well established examples. Software like CAD, CFD, ASPEN, PDMS, DCS, etc. are supporting the growth by expediting the activities, nearing towards perfect solutions, easing up plant visualization, etc.

Core industries, which are fulfilling the basic necessities (Roti, Kapada & Makaan), ensuring safety around and providing entertainment means, are the backbone of human growth. Though in every sector, growth can be seen but old generation has always questioned it. Up to certain extent, they are right too. Are we eating right kind of food? Why rising health problems. Are we wearing right kind of clothes? Why increasing crime rate. Are we occupying right amount of space? Why global warmimg alarming.

Are we not focusing more towards Secondary Purposes of our requirements leaving aside its Prime Purpose?

Money is required for Life, but Life is not for Money.

Right combination of Core Industry & Information Technology or rather say Concept Integrated Technology takes you in the right direction.

In present fast developing world, people are lacking Happiness, which is possible by gaining Absolute Freedom (Physical, Mental & Emotional). Unfortunately, in present era, many organizations are looking for more Working HANDS and not thinking HEADS. Developed India requires large number of Smart People, who shall be Hard, Dedicated & Innovative Workers to provide Noval Solutions @ Low Cost at first and not busy in managing the previously created troubles.

Developed India is once again looking for Freedom Fighters. Freedom not from physical slavery but from mental blockages. Young blood to fight back traditional bad practices of society & work place.

In the path of progress, identify your interest area and match with the available opportunities around you. It will provide you balanced growth of money & satisfaction or in other words ever-lasting happiness.

Develop self, by physical & mental exercises (keeping body & mind fully involved in exhaustive working) to contribute for Building Developed India.