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Concept Based Thinking

An Approach to Face Global Competition

"Determination, Hard Work & Innovation" are the three identified major success factors to face today's tough global competition. Generally used HR practices work well to develop determination and hard working in the individuals. Innovation requires more than that.

Innovation needs are almost felt in every sector. Especially in the journey of "Urbanization to Globalization" while management jargons like "Lean & Mean Organization", "High Degree of Commitment", "Global Competition", etc. are much in use.

All the three factors identified above may not essentially lead to correct path. For example, employee strongly determined to get promotion follows bad practices too. Very hard working person remains in the same position due to boss's favor for other. Likewise innovation, especially in the materialistic world, shapes to any sort of changes. Typically many FMCG companies are following innovations for neighbor's competition.

Are we really looking for cut throat competition only? Nobody knows where it will end. In recent past, failures of unrelated diversification, unnecessary ITization, etc. are well seen.

No doubt, few early startups and consultants got benefits out of this. Look up at the majority. Most of them are dying for nothing.

History tells us that India, in one time, was the best in economic condition (called as Golden Bird), the best in literature (Great Vedas, Upanishads, etc.). Even with very less competition.

Though competition opens up avenues for the innovation, but the product may not always be the best. Excellence is the cause of development for the best products and processes.

Nature is perfect. Rules of nature remain unchanged for centuries. Though scientific facts are quite frequently updated by human being. Thus nature is excellent.

Look up at some professionals like Pt. Ravi Shankar, the famous sitarist, excel in there fields even without competition. Excellence does not wait for competition to come.

Every individual is born with some excellence. This is also a nature's gift to balance the universe. In successful individuals, it is identified at the proper stage either by self or others and nurtured further for more sharpening. In many cases, it is killed at various stages of life (childhood to adulthood).

Concept Based Thinking (CBT, not to be confused with computer based training) is an approach to attain excellence in the related field. Concept learning environment is created in the organizations for developing excellence in every individual.

Complete solution of any problem is defined as:

                           Complete Solution = Concept + Analytical

Analytical part is mainly information or data based and which is almost digitized in today's IT age. It is like the preparation of tasty food dish. Though recipes are available, but taste varies from bad to excellent for different cooks. Excellence is acheived by learning basic concepts.

Education is the starting point to develop various concepts used later in the professional life. This helps in attaining excellence in shorter time span.

Training further adds up to more concept building. Usually it is focussed to one field only. It gives the immediate success but long-term success remain in doubt.

Development, which in other words, is the real mark of success, is possible by learning basic concepts only.

Education helps is shaping the intellect. Training changes the attitudes, values and beliefs. Whle, development provides long-term flexibility. As per gains, education provides minimum wages for survival, training gives physical comforts, but development is the stage of excellence, which is true success.

Concept Based Thinking generates environment not only to face competition, but also generate people to beat the emerging competition by the development of excellent products and processes.

If you agree with this philosophy, adopt it and make this world better for you.