Inspirational Zone

Learning for Happiness



A.)  Why Learning is required?

Nature has provided enough means for our survival.

Except in very odd circumstances, we can easily survive in

this world.

As a human nature, we believe in growth too.

It is achieved by the dedicated work towards a specific pre-determined path.


  Are you happy with this present growth? Yes!!!

   Are you sure that this happiness will be forever? No!!!


  Thus, you need to learn for gaining True Happiness.

B.)  How to achieve True Happiness?

True Happiness is achieved by Absolute Independence.

  (Interdependence, which is acceptable for happiness, defers from Independence.)

C.) How to gain Absolute Independence?

 You can gain Absolute Independence by making yourself

 Free from Physical, Mental & Emotional slavery.

D.) What will make you Free?  

For Freedom, you need to Learn for -
        • Physical Fitness (to do any hard work)
        • Mental Alertness (to accept any challenges)
        • Emotional Balance (to face any shocks)
E.) How much to Learn in Life?
It depends upon your Dreams.
Big dreams requires more learning which in return provides more Happiness.