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Haverford College Microscopes    
This website serves as a resource for information on the various microscopes available in the Haverford College KINSC.  The information provided includes:
  • Brief descriptions of each microscope
  • Written and recorded protocols on how to use these instruments
  • A sign-up calendar to reserve blocks of time on the scopes
  • Links to more in-depth descriptions of how each microscope works
  • Contact persons for further questions on specific instruments
This site currently has protocols and resources for the Scanning Electron Microscope, Confocal Microscope, and Immunofluorescence Microscope, as well as for the Sputter Coater.

Basic Information

Basic information about the instruments on offer in the INSC, as well as external links to more detailed information.



Sign up for an available block of time on the INSC microscopes.

Operating Instructions

Written and visual protocols for using the instruments.


Get in touch with individuals who can offer more assistance on a particular instrument.


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