Kinky sex friends locator - Android application - unlock your fantasy!

Find kinky events submitted by real people in your neighbourhood. 

Finding a sex partner has never been easier! There are no bullshit but just real people submitting real events!

Kinky sex friends locator - android app. overview

Some of the Kinky sex friend locator screenshots:

First - Login screen
(First - Login screen)

Main screen - no GPS location yet
(Main screen - GPS location not known)
Main screen - Location is known - Buttons enabled
(Main screen - Location is known - buttons are enabled)
(Add new event & make it visible to other users)
Some of the available event types to choose from
(Some of the event types to choose from)        
Find events near you or display it on map
(Find events near you or show a map)
Your location and near events on map
(Map with your location and events near your)
Tap on specific events opens some basic info about event
(Tap on event shows you some basic info. about event)
Search results - events with some basic info
(search results - events)
Get more info about specific event
(Popup with additional options about event)
View details about specific event
(Detailed view about choosen event)
Your current location and route to choosen event
(Route from you to choosen event)
Turn Map auto refreshing ON/OFF
(Turn ON/OFF Map auto updating)
Build in help
(Build in Help )
Register a new account
(Register a new account)
Map with your current location and all events near you
(Map with all events near your location)

Kinky sex friends locator - Basic info:

This app retrieves your current GPS position and after that you can search by actual kinky events which takes places around your current location. You can also put your own event on map and make it visible to other users. Finally an application or service which really works. Meet kinky people in your area right now. All what you need is download and install this application on your phone.

Available event types (This application is great for finding real sex partners who are interested into):
- Public Sex
- Public nudity
- Flashing
- Voyeur
- GangBang
- Dogging
- Cuckold
- Other events

Suitable for:
- Men
- Women
- Trans
- Couples
- Groups...

Basic requirements:

- at least Android version 2.2 or newer
- Phone with GPS
- Internet connection (Wi-Fi or GPRS)
- kinky side of you is required! ;)

Why i can't find this app on Google Play (Android market)?
For now Kinky sex friends locator is not available on Google Play because of it's policy. We are not sure if this kind of software could be posted there so for now it's available only here. Maybe it will also be available on Google Play later on.

Differences between PRO and FREE version:
Even a FREE version allows you many things also Adding a new events on map and make it visible to others is available in FREE version. Look at the table bellow for more details about what is available and what is not: 

Monthly price for PRO version is very reasonable - just 1.99 EUR per month is about a price of cup of coffe per month. We guess everyone can afford this. We also want to make sure that you are a legal age to use this application thats also one of the reason why you need to pay for PRO version. Payment is possible via Paypal. When you purchase this for one year or more you also receive a discount.

Some real life examples:

1.) You are a single woman and want to find a man for sex today.

Install this application, retrieve your current position and add a new event on Map. Enter a title of the event, enter short description, choose event type, choose date and time of the event and submit it. As soon as your event will be submitted is visible by other users who are currently near you. Others can find your event and also can see a Map with a route. It's like a dating but this time for real!

2.) You are a couple and looking for another couple to join you

Simple! Download and install this application, retrieve your current location and add a new event. This time you will choose that you are a couple who are looking for a couple. You will also write an event title and description, choose a date and time of the event and submit it.

3.) You are a woman and looking for some dogging fun.

Well like in previous examples all you need is downloading this application and publish / add a new event and make it visible to other users. Choose event type (dogging), enter event title and description and submit it.

Don't forget to take a look at features, screenshots and other stuff!