Welcome to KingTurks Cattery

Located in Southern California, KingTurks Cattery is a new small cattery that specializes in the Turkish Van 

Halima Aadi Stormsword of KingTurks

The Turkish Van is an ancient breed of cat, originally from the Lake Van region in Turkey. They are known for their love of water though not all will swim or enjoy being bathed. Turkish Vans are very active and intelligent. I fell in love with this breed about twenty years ago when I had my first mixed long hair domestic cat. This cat had a lot of the characteristics that belong to the Turkish Van, no under coat, love of playing with water, smart, active, Van body type. I lost him when he was nine to kidney disease and needed to wait before getting my first full Turkish Van. They are independent but also like to be near their humans, following them from room to room. Although not generally known for being lap cats, some can be exceedingly affectionate  

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