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   The John Fisher Memorial Museum was established in 1982 and depicts many of the aspects of life on the Kingston Peninsula. From Wolastoqiyik basket work to the tools and clothing of early settlers the museum displays many local artifacts. Each year the summer exhibit portrays topics of local interest including history and local artists.
   The museum is named in honour of John Fisher, a celebrated CBC broadcaster and publicist. From 1943 to 1955, he travelled throughout the country, broadcasting its wonders on "John Fisher Reports", a popular program heard three times a week on the national radio system. He became affectionately known as "Mr. Canada" by many in the nation.
   The museum is housed in the basement of the local MacDonald Consolidated School, in Kingston. It is open in July and August from Tuesday until Saturday (9am-4pm) and is accessable by appointment through phone 506-763-2101 or e-mail .

    The museum has a summer gallery which highlights a unique aspect of the Kingston Peninsula. The exhibit for 2017 was titled "Growth of a Nation". 
     The 2018 exhibit will focus on "Women of the Peninsula".

       Genealogy Resources


The following resources may be viewed in our Genealogy Room
(Arranged Alphabetically by Title)
  .  Acadiensis,” Spring 1980
   •    A Chronicle of Irish Emigration to Saint John, New Brunswick 1847,
         by Elizabeth Cuching, Teresa Casey, and Monica Robertson.
   •    All Our Born Days, by Doris Calder.
   •    An Anecdotal History or Kings County, N.B., by Dorothy Dearborn.
   •    A Guide to Generations Vols. 1-56, by Daniel F. Johnson.
   •    A History of the Anglican Church in the Parish of Springfield, and a General 
        History of the Surrounding Area, by Ernest Graham.
   •    A Survey of the Scovils or Scovills in England and America, 1915, by Hartford.
   •    Arrivals 99: Our First Families in New Brunswick.
        Baptism Register No. 2, Kingston Parish, Jan. 1816 - March 1831. (Indexed)
   •  Caleb Seaman: A Loyalist, by Mary Beacock Fryer.
   •   Clifton Royal: The Wetmores and Village Life in Nineteenth Century New 
       Brunswick, by Judith Baxter.
   •    Community Place Names of New Brunswick, 1998.
   •    D-Day, Juno Beach: Canada’s 24 Hours of Destiny, by Lance Goddard.
   •    Early Schools of Kings Co., N.B., by the Kings Co. Retired Teachers’ Association.
   •    Erb’s Cove United Baptist Church, 1920-1988
   •  Faiths of Out Fathers, by Roger M. Holdsworth.
   •  Fredericton History: Two Centuries of Romance, War, Privation and Struggle, by W.
        G. MacFarlane.
   •    From Humble Beginnings: The Story of Agriculture in New Brunswick, by E. B.
   •    Genealogist’s Handbook for New England Research, 1980.
   •    Genealogy: A New Relationship, by Paul Collins and Julie Morris.
        Genealogy of the Benjamin Seely Family.
   •    Generations 10: A Collection of the First Ten Issues of the Newsletter of the New
         Brunswick Genealogical Society.
   •    Gone But Not Forgotten: Cemetery Inscriptions of Kings County, N.B., Vol. 4,
         Parishes of Norton, Springfield and Kars.
   •    Gorham Homestead: A Family Farm, 1784-1984, by Beryla Gorham.
        Graveyard Records for the Kingston Peninsula.
   •  Greener Pastures: The Loyalist Experience of Benjamin Ingraham, by Earle
   •    “Ice Out Past My House”: The Diary of Azor Hoyt, A Kings County Loyalist, by Jack
         E. Hoyt.
        Index of Surnames Being Researched by Members of the New Brunswick
        Genealogical Society, 1982.
   •   In Search of Your Canadian Roots: Tracing Your Family Tree in Canada, by Angus
     “Journal of the New Brunswick Museum, 1977”.

     “Journal of the New Brunswick Museum, 1979”.

•    Kingston and the Loyalists of the Spring Fleet of 1783, by Walter Bates.
•    Letters Written by Les Holder from Overseas, World War I and from Central America etc., 1915-1935
•    Life and Times: Recollections of Eliza Cox Carter, by Judith Baxter and Beth Quigley.
•    Long Island in the Kennebecasis Bay, Kings Co., N.B., Canada, by Barbara Swann Mouffe, 2000.
•    Loyalists All: Stories Told About New Brunswick Loyalists by Their Descendants.
•    Loyalist Gorhams of the St. John River Valley, 1783-1994, by Dorie Gorham.
•    MacDonald Consolidated School Student Lists.
•    McAlpine’s Saint John Directory for 1877-1878.
•    Music of the Eye: Architectural Drawings of Canada’s First City, 1828-1914, Gary K. Hughes.
•    New Brunswick Historic Events: 1784-1984.
•    New Brunswick Shipbuilders Checklist (Kings County), Norton Wyse.
•    Nova Scotia Museum: Graveyard Inventory Guide and Data Dictionary, 1990, by Ewing, Trask and Collins
  Once Upon a Time, by J. Gordon Henderson.
•    Our Stories: Heritage ’94, A Project of the Multicultural and Immigration Office Department of Advanced Education and Labour.
  Planters and Pioneers: Nova Scotia, 1749 to 1775, by Esther Clark Wright.
•    Researching Your Ancestors in New Brunswick, Canada, by Robert F. Fellows.
•    Reflections of an Era: Portraits of 19th Century New Brunswick Ships, 1987, Robert Elliot and Alan McNairn.
•    Reflections: The Story of Hampton, N.B., by David G. Keirstead.
•    Robert Moore Family Genealogy.
•    Rothesay: An Illustrated History, 1784-1920, by Robert Hook, Ann Condon and Charles Grant.
•    Saint John and Lancaster Directory, 1961.
•    Sea Going Days: The Holder Family, 1851-1878.
  Some Loyalists and Others, by Isabel Louise Hill.
  Tales of Holderville and District, J. Gordon Henderson.
 The Black Loyalists, by James Walker.

•    The Builders, 1783-1971, Parish of Kingston.

•    The Census Records of 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 for Kingston Parish, Kings CO., N.B., by Julia Walker and Margaret Duplisea.
•    The Diary of Benjamin Crawford, 1818-1833, 1836-1837.
  The First History of New Brunswick, by Peter Fisher.
  The Loyal Americans, by the Canadian War Museum.
  The Loyalist Guide: Nova Scotia Loyalists and Their Documents, by the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.
•    The Loyalists of New Brunswick, by Esther Clark Wright.
  The Loyalists: Revolution, Exile, Settlement, by Christopher Moore.
•    The New Brunswick Militia, 1787-1867, by David Facey-Crowther.
  The New Brunswick Museum Department of Canadian History Archives Division: Inventory of Manuscripts, 1967.

    The Saint John Board of Health Marriage Register, Book K, 1887.

•    The Seely’s of New Brunswick, 1992, by Fanjoy and Ward.
•    The Voyages and Diary of Amelia Holder.
•    The Waddells: Reed’s Point and Beyond, 1999, by Ann Waddell, Jim Archibald and Glenna Jack.
•    The Whelpleys of Connecticut and New Brunswick from 1640, by William Price.
   Those Days Are Gone Away: Queens County, N.B., 1643-1901, by Marion Gilchrist Reicker.
  We The Undersigned, by Elspeth Tulloch.
•    World War II: The People’s Story, by Nigel Forentain
  Ye Olde Flewwelling Family of New York, by Eric Clifton Langley.
  Your Family Tree, By Garland Evans Hopkins.

•    75 Years: MacDonald Consolidated School, Kingston, N.B., July 28, 1979

   845 Kingston Peninsula: A Pencil Sketch Tour, by Judith Baxter.
•    1851 Census for Kings County, N.B., Vols. I-II, by Julia Walker and Margaret Duplisea.
 Family Files
   There are genealogical files on the following family names
    Andrews, Banks, Barlow, Barnes, Bates, Beardsley, Beesley, Bostwick, Bruce, Carter, Clowes, Cochrane, Coffey, Cosman, Crawford, Cronk, Currie, Earl, Erb, Evans, Fanjoy, Flewelling, Ganong, Giggey, Gilliland, Gorham, Greenslade, Harding, Haslett, Henderson, Hill, Holder, Hoyt, Humphry, Jenkins, Keirstead, Kimball, Kirk, Kupkey, Lamb, Laskey, Leonard, Lingley, London, Lyon, McIntyre, Moore, Morrel, Northrup, Paddock, Perkins, Pickett, Pickel/Bickel, Pitt, Prince, Puddington, Ruloffsen, Scovil, Scribner, Seeley, Shamper/Shampier, Smith, Sterrett, Upham, Urquhart, Vail, Waddell, Walton, Wetmore, Whelpley, White, Wightman, Williams, Wood, Worden
 Microfilm Holdings
  •   Church Records, Kingston Circuit, 1867-1886 
  •   Diary of Benjamin Crawford
  •  Friendship Quilt Notes to Martha Halfyard, 1848
  •  Fulling Mill Account Book (Pickett Family)
  •  Gorham Family Papers
  •  Hoyt Diary
  •  Hubbard Family Papers
  •  Kingston Methodist Mission, 1888-1910
  •  Kingston Mill: Early History
  •  Memorandum Book of Ruth S. Wetmore
  •  Miscellaneous Pickett Papers
  •  Motion Supporting Female Temperance
  •  Paddock Medical Diaries
  •  Personal Papers of Benjamin Kent
  •  Personal Papers of David Pickett Jr.
  •  Personal Papers of David Pickett Sr.
  •  Personal Papers of the Honourable George Leonard
  •  Personal Papers of Munson Hoyt
  •  Personal Papers of Stephen Kent
  •  Probate Records, 1787-1885
  •  Ration List in Pickett Collection
  •  Short History of the Loyalists and the Church in Kingston
  •  Trinity Church Vestry Books, Kingston


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