Cedars Light and Trail

      The Cedars Light was built in 1904 and decommissioned in 1996.  It sits on the St. John River at Long Reach, just below the site of the former Cedars Hotel, which welcomed guests from 1895 until the 1960’s.  This light replaced an older mast light that sat down river at Williams Wharf.  Guests travelled to and from the The Cedars by steamboats that followed the guiding light of lighthouses all along the St. John and Kennebecasis rivers.  To accommodate the many guests travelling to The Cedars, a wharf was built near the Cedars Lighthouse in 1907.
The Cedars Light was purchased by Kingston Peninsula Heritage in 2005.
The Cedars
Other Lighthouses on the Kingston Peninsula
McColgon Point 1914
Bayswater 1914
Sand Point 1869