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Ishino Shorinjryu Genbukan Karatedo


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The Shi Ryu Kai dojo in Kingston, Ontario, Canada is sanctioned by and affiliated with the Ishino Shorinjiryu Genbukan Karate Federation, with the honbu dojo headquartered in Montreal Quebec, Canada.

You will find information on its history, philosophy, and practice - with particular emphasis on the practice of Ishino Shorinjiryu Genbukan Karate. It is an Okinawan-Japanese rooted traditional style, using the Supersafe® protection, for modern safe contact practice and competition.

The Shi Ryu Kai dojo was established in 1998 and is currently located in the city owned, Artillery Park Aquatic & Fitness Centre, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where offer registered CHILDREN'S KARATE, YOUTH KARATE and TEEN/ADULT'S KARATE programs.


Artillery Park Aquatic Centre, and all City indoor recreation facilities are closed, programs suspended and facility bookings cancelled until further notice. due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Support Our Troops yellow ribbon

This ribbon on our web page shows our support for our Canadian troops serving in missions around the world.

God bless them and keep them safe.


Nobody can do everything,

but everyone can do something.

In 2006, a Canadian effort to promote RED caught on in events all over Canada–and likely thanks in no small part due to a combination of a desire to support the troops and overall patriotism. Red is, after all, a predominant color in the Canadian flag. It wasn’t long until someone taking part in the Canadian effort thought it would be a very good idea to bring RED to the USA.

Lloyd Hofmeister, a former Marine, is credited with bringing the RED concept across the border into America, in part because in his words, low morale among the troops has dangerous consequences. He acknowledged that it wasn’t his idea but was motivated by a desire to raise that morale by letting troops know in a culturally visible way that they are supported in their efforts in combat zones, deployments, and overseas assignments.

“Tomorrow’s victory is won after today’s practice”

A Samurai Maxim.

I hear and I forget;

I see and I remember;

I do and I understand.


i am Canadian

N.B. Genbukan Karate is NOT associated with Genbukan™ Ninpo Bugei