Ishino Shorinjiryu Genbukan Karatedo


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in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 

This web page was created to provide information to those interested in martial arts to learn about Ishino Shorinjiryu Genbukan Karatedo. 

It is an Okinawan-Japanese rooted traditional style, using the Supersafe® protection, for modern safe contact practice and competition. 

You will find information on its history, philosophy, and practice - with particular emphasis on the practice of Ishino Shorinjiryu Genbukan Karate. 

The Shi Ryu Kai dojo was established in 1998 and is currently located in the city owned, Artillery Park Aquatic & Fitness Centre, in Kingston Ontario Canada, where they now offer  registered CHILDREN KARATE, YOUTH KARATE and TEEN/ADULT KARATE programs. 

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Dragon gong at SHIRYUKAI dojo                    The Chinese often compare themselves to the celestial Chinese dragon.                    Chinese around the world have been known to proudly proclaim themselves as                    'Lung de chuan ren' or 'the descendents of the dragon'.                   Dragons are always referred to as the divine mythical creature responsible for                    bringing about ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune.                    Regarded as the emblem of the Emperor and the Imperial command, the legend and influence                    of the dragon permeates the ancient Chinese civilization and shaped their culture even until today.                    Its benevolence signifies greatness, goodness and blessings.                    The dragon symbolizes power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance,                    nobility and divinity. A dragon is known to always overcome obstacles until success is achieved a dragon is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and ambitious.
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Nobody can do everything,
but everyone can do something. 

“Tomorrow’s victory is won after today’s practice.”
A Samurai Maxim.

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I hear and I forget;
I see and I remember;
I do and I understand.

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i am Canadian Allen Yuen