King's Cross Country Results 2014/2015/2016

       Macclesfield and District Cross Country Wednesday 9th November-Macclesfield Track

Year 7 Girls
R.Foster 5th*
M.Lucchi 6th*
G.Cornford 11th*
L.Clark 15th*
C.Kight 20th
L.Tabachnik 24th

Year 8/9 Girls
S.Moores 7th *
M.Broadley 9th*
L.Dennett 15th*
H.Burke 18th
L.Woods 20th
E.Kemp 21st

Year 10 Girls
L.Griffiths 4th*
J.Foxton 6th*

Congratulations and well done to all runners
*selected to represent Macclesfield at the County Cross Country Championships on 4th February at Knights Grange-Winsford

Friday 7th October ESAA English Schools' Cross Country Cup

Junior Boys Yr 7&8’s

Jack Bray – 18

Oscar Robinson – 22

Theo Durkin – 26

Ben Willcock – 38

Billy Griffiths – 49

Inter Boys Yr 9&10’s

Peter Goodfellow – 14

Alex Davies – 29

Tom Barker – 36

Fin McKeever – 37

Harry Norton – 43

Jimmy Foxton – 54

Congratulations to both teams, Inter Girls who came 1st and Junior Girls who came 2nd overall. They have both qualified for the Regional Finals on Saturday 12th November. 

Junior Girls Yr 7/8s 2nd Place
Holly Burke 13th
Rebecca Foster 14th
Lottie Dennett 17th
Maddie Luuchi 18th
Izzy Moores 19th
Grace Cornford 24th
Lottie Woods 29th

Inter Girls Yr 9/10s 1st Place
Lulu Griffiths 4th
Jodie Foxton 7th
Imogen Curtis 10th
Suzie Moores 11th
May Broadley 12th
Betty Kemp 15th

County Schools Cross Country Championships-Saturday 16th January 2016-Knights Grange Sports Complex, Winsford

Minor Girls (year 7-56 runners)

Holly Burke 20th*

Junior Girls (year 8/9-49 runners)

Lulu Griffiths 4th*

Jodie Foxton 14th

Junior Boys (year 8/9- 67 runners)

Peter Goodfellow 24th

Tom Barker 29th 

Inter Boys (year 10/11-43 runners)

George Barker 14th 

*Holly Burke has been selected to compete in the Inter-counties cross country on 14th March.

*Lulu Griffiths has been selected to represent Cheshire at the English Schools National Cross Country Championships on the 5th March.

Macclesfield and District Cross-country Championships-Tuesday 13th October 2015, Macclesfield Track 

Minor Girls (year 7-approx 55)

Holly Burke 4th* 

Lottie Dennett 7th*

Izzy Moores 8th*

Katie Barr 21st

Team position 2nd

Junior Girls (year 8/9- approx 55)

Lulu Griffiths 6th*

Jodie Foxton 12th*

Susie Moores 17th

Imogen Curtis 23rd

Betty Kemp 29th

May Broadley 31st

Charlotte Smith 35th 

Team position 3rd

Minor Boys (year 7)

Jack Bray 12*

Oscar Robinson 13*

Charlie Morrison 19

Ben Wilcock 23

Billy Griffiths 31

Team position 5th with 66pts


Junior boys (year 8/9)

Tom Barker 8*

Peter Goodfellow 9*

Fin McKeever 11*

Harry Norton 12*

Jimmy Foxton 16*

Team position 1st  40pts


Inter Boys (year 10/11)

George Barker 3*

Tomos Rands 16*

Daniel Batt 23

        Team position NA (need 4 for a team)

*The top 16 in each race have been selected to represent Macclesfield at the Cheshire Country Cross-country Champs on January 16th at Knights Grange Winsford. Holly Burke, Lulu Griffiths and George Barker were selected to run for Cheshire in an inter-counties cross-country later this term. 

ESAA English Schools' Cross Country Cup - Tuesday 6th October at Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington,                                                         Cheshire, WA4 6SN

         INTER GIRLS                                           JUNIOR GIRLS

Two teams of girls ran in the English School’s Cross Country Cup competition at Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington.

The Inter Girls were 1st team overall and qualified for the Regional Finals on 7th Nov, with Lulu Griffiths winning the race, Olivia Moores 5th, Jodie Foxton 10th, Imogen Curtis 14th, Ffyona Booker 32nd and Chantelle Carroll45th.

In the Junior girls team Susie Moores finished in 13th position, Holly Burke 18th, Betty Kemp 26th, Lottie Dennett 32nd, Izzy Moores 37th and Charlotte Smith 38th. They were placed 3rd team and also qualified for the regional Finals in November.

Saturday 17th January 2015 Cheshire Schools Cross Country           


JUNIOR GIRLS (YR 8/9) (61 runners)

Lulu Griffiths - 8th

Jodie Foxton - 34th 

INTER GIRLS (YR 10/11) (47 runners)

Georgina Boden - 20th

SENIOR GIRLS (10 runners)

Lucy Snelson - 9th

MINOR BOYS (YR 7) (65 runners)

Jimmy Foxton - 21st

Tom Moorhouse - 23rd

JUNIOR BOYS (YR 8/9) (60 runners)

Peter Goodfellow - 23rd


                                                    Wednesday 15th October 2014 Macclesfield and District Cross Country  

MINOR GIRLS (YR 7) (44 runners)

*S Moores -5th

*C Smith – 15th

M Broadley – 19th

F Bailey – 26th

F Thompson – 33rd

I Whittle – 34th 

Team position - 3rd/7

JUNIOR GIRLS (41 runners)

*L Griffiths – 5th

*O moores – 7th

*J Foxton – 18th

C carroll – 22nd

A Brooks – 23rd

Team position - 3rd/6

INTER GIRLS  (25 runners)

*G Boden – 4th


*L Snelson-1st

MINOR BOYS (YR 7) (38 runners)

*A Davies-2nd

*W Davies-3rd

*J Foxton-5th

*S Worthington-8th

*T Moorhouse-11th

B Kersh-22nd

Team position-1st/6

JUNIOR BOYS (44 runners)

*P Goodfellow-5th

*F Mckeaver-13th

H Norton-29th

O Payne-40th

Team position-6th/8

INTER BOYS (25 runners)

*G Barker-9th

A Fray-19th

K Bailey-23rd

*selected to represent Macclesfield in the County Cross Country Championships on 17th January 2015 @ Knights Grange Winsford

Wednesday 8th October ESAA English Schools' Cross Country Cup 

 Junior Boys Inter Boys
 37 Thomas Barker 43rd
38 Will Davies 32nd 
39 James Davis 57th
40 Peter Goodfellow 11th
41 Fin McKeever 20th
42 Sam Worthington 46th
Reserves: Alex Davies/Murray Redpath
 37 George Barker 11th
39 Daniel Batt 47th
40 Archie Phillips 9th
41 Tomas Rands 27th
42 Ben Robinson 51st

 Junior Girls Inter Girls
 38 Alex Brooks 34th
40 Jodie Foxton 19th
41 Lucy Griffiths 5th
42 Susannah Moores 30th
37 Antonia Bianchi 20th
38 Georgina Boden 7th
39 Ffyona Booker 45th
42 Olivia Moores 13th

Junior Boys

Competition 1
127Helsby High School, Frodsham
238Sandbach School, Sandbach
374Bridgewater High School, Warrington
480The Whitby High School, Ellesmere Port
591Lymm High School, Lymm
697Weaverham High School, Northwich
7106The King's School In Macclesfield, Macclesfield
8144The County High School Leftwich, Northwich
9149Christleton High School, Chester
10151The Fallibroome Academy, Macclesfield
11152Tytherington High School, Macclesfield

Inter Boys

Competition 1
145Christleton High School, Chester
248Helsby High School, Frodsham
367The Fallibroome Academy, Macclesfield
494Sandbach School, Sandbach
594The King's School In Macclesfield, Macclesfield
696Lymm High School, Lymm
798Sir Thomas Boteler CofE High School, Warrington
899Weaverham High School, Northwich
9128Tytherington High School, Macclesfield
10137The County High School Leftwich, Northwich

Junior Girls

Competition 1
124The Fallibroome Academy, Macclesfield
250Bridgewater High School, Warrington
365Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College, Sandbach
488The King's School In Macclesfield, Macclesfield
589Lymm High School, Lymm
690Christleton High School, Chester
7108The County High School Leftwich, Northwich
8110The Whitby High School, Ellesmere Port
9144Weaverham High School, Northwich
10152Alderley Edge School for Girls, Alderley Edge
11171Helsby High School, Frodsham

Inter Girls

Competition 1
143Bridgewater High School, Warrington
255Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College, Sandbach
374Lymm High School, Lymm
485The King's School In Macclesfield, Macclesfield
593Weaverham High School, Northwich
695Helsby High School, Frodsham
7125The Fallibroome Academy, Macclesfield
8132Alderley Edge School for Girls, Alderley Edge
9133The County High School Leftwich, Northwich
10143The Whitby High School, Ellesmere Port
11153Christleton High School, Chester