For State Farm Associates

State Farm Good Neighbor Grant Program
Any State Farm associate who volunteers 40 or more hours with the KJHS Bands is eligible to apply for a Good Neighbor Grant through the State Farm Companies Foundation.  Through the Good Neighbor Grant Program, the State Farm Companies Foundation awards a $500 grant on behalf of each eligible State Farm associate (active employee, agent, or retiree) who volunteers a minimum of 40 hours a year to an eligible nonprofit organization or school.
When completing an application, please list "McLean County Unit District 5 Music Parents Association" as the organization and "Kingsley Junior High School Bands" as the purpose.  Online submissions will be sent to the Music Parents Treasurer for authorization.  Printed copies can be submitted to the KJHS Band Office.  Special Note:  We prefer that grant applications be submitted through the Music Parents as opposed to the Unit 5 Schools.
Once you have submitted a grant application, we kindly ask that you inform the Mrs. Meadows so she can account for anticipated grants.
Thank you for your support!