Logo Design

  • The harmonica on the left clearly indicates our instrument.
  • The button on the harmonica is a distinguishing feature of the chromatic harmonica we played (vs. diatonic harmonica).
  • Each of the five holes on the harmonica represents each of our five members (although our harmonicas actually have 12 or 16 holes).
  • The skeleton of the logo is a letter "K" which is the initial of our name and also that of our alma mater - The King's College.
  • Five "K"s, tightly knitted together, symbolize the close relationships among our five members.
  • Five levels of shades symbolize the relative pitch ranges of our five instruments.
  • Finally, the colour of the logo is brick red, which is the colour of the building of our alma mater.

The logo is designed by Ho Pak-cheong, and touched up by Rickel Kwok.