Awards & Accolades 獎項及榮譽

1995 World Harmonica Festival, Yokohama, Japan
Group - 2nd (King's Harmonica Quintet)
Duo - 1st (Ho Pak-cheong, Poon Chung-keung)
Duo - 2nd (Rocky Lok, Kenneth Chan)
Duo - 6th (Lau Chun-bong, Johnny Kuan)
Trio - 3rd (Ho Pak-cheong, Rocky Lok, Johnny Kuan)
Future - 5th (Johnny Kuan)
Chromatic Solo - 6th (Rocky Lok)

重奏亞軍 (英皇口琴五重奏)
二重奏冠軍 (何百昌、潘忠強)
二重奏亞軍 (駱英棋、陳樹強)
二重奏第六名 (劉振邦、關文豪)
三重奏季軍 (何百昌、駱英棋、關文豪)
未來組第五名 (關文豪)
半音階獨奏第六名 (駱英棋)

1997 World Harmonica Festival, Trossingen, Germany
Group - 1st (King's Harmonica Quintet)
Open - 2nd (Ho Pak-cheong, Kenneth Chan)
Open - 4th (King's Harmonica Quintet, Poon Chung-keung)
Open - 5th (Johnny Kuan)
Chromatic Solo - 3rd (Ho Pak-cheong)
Chromatic Solo - 4th (Kenneth Chan)
Chromatic Solo - 5th (Lau Chun-bong)
Trio - 4th (Ho Pak-cheong, Rocky Lok, Johnny Kuan)
Trio - 5th (Kenneth Chan, Lau Chun-bong, Poon Chung-keung)

重奏冠軍 (英皇口琴五重奏)
公開組亞軍 (何百昌、陳樹強)
公開組第四名 (英皇口琴五重奏、潘忠強)
公開組第五名 (關文豪)
半音階獨奏季軍 (何百昌)
半音階獨奏第四名 (陳樹強)
半音階獨奏第五名 (劉振邦)
三重奏第四名 (何百昌、駱英棋、關文豪)
三重奏第五名 (陳樹強、劉振邦、潘忠強)

"blowing up a real harmonica storm"
"the most fascinating exercise in music rearrangement since Kizuhito Yamashita played a solo of Dvorak's New World Symphony"
"the reading of Shostakovich's Third String Quartet was virtually an improvement on the Russian's work"
Douglas Tate, British classical harmonica legend
"this is the finest example of group playing that I have ever heard using harmonica ... an exceptionally high standard of musicality"
"the bass playing is outstandingly sensitive, it doesn't sound like a bass harmonica being played!"

"in all these works, the Quintet showed off the uniqueness of harmonicas as well as reproduced faithfully the style of the string quartet pieces"
"the form of harmonica quintet was recognized as opening up a new avenue for harmonica enthusiasts"
American Harmonica Newsletter
"convincing people that the harmonica is a tremendously versatile, strong and delicate musical instrument"
"doing untold credit for the harmonica method and application"
"a tremendous pride of accomplishment was displayed"
"astonishing and inspiring ... no one can claim that the harmonica lacks merit as an instrument after hearing this group ... such clarity of sound, and nuances of delivery"