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Notice of Parking Violation

posted Oct 15, 2009, 1:21 PM by Chad Meisinger   [ updated Dec 3, 2009, 11:31 AM by Darren Williger ]
This is just a friendly tip for friends of those who live in the Kingsbrooke Palatine area - to maybe save you from the headaches from stickers and being towed. I personally need to apologize to my friends who have experienced this - I'm so very sorry. This wasn't intentional and I was as surprised as you were.

The experience referenced in the picture to the left occured when Devorah called me on November 24th, at 11:52 on her way to my home. She arrived a few minutes later (approximately 11:55pm) and came in to enjoy bringing in her birthday with her friend - me! We had a couple of beverages to celebrate and I suggested she spend the night. In the morning when she left, her car wasn't there. There were no tow signs anywhere to be found. We called Property Specialists in Palatine until reaching Cristy Ulrich.

Cristy laughed at us about the situation. I was completely floored - though not totally surprised with what we've been experiencing from these guys over the past 5 years. Well, the icing on the cake was that Cristy now wants to tag me as the homeowner to pay additional fees too? Seriously? OK Back to Devorah... So we finally get the information from Cristy several minutes later and contacted the tow place in Rolling Meadows. They laughed and made fun of her car - it was like insult added to injury (see the video - she's definitely not happy) and she's likely not coming over to visit me anytime soon which sucks as she's one of my closest friends and one of the coolest women in the entire universe. Seriously - you have to check out this video.

What offended Devorah the most - not just the making fun of her car or laughing at me for now having more fees from the association (Yes, this is for real - with Cristy's permission I recorded the remainder of the call - but it's just too nutty to post, at least without some fun music to make it less disturbing) but the fact that she was parked only minutes before the sticker was slapped on her window - and then just three more hours until they hitched and towed her car with a not so pleasant $150 fee. YIKES!

Cristy told me there was some form on their website that has to be completed if I want a friend to park outside. This sounds silly and I wasn't aware of this weird regulation. I'll have to go check out that website and bookmark it here to help save others inconvenience.

She had the nerve to accuse ME of parking illegally, however with 2 limited times (less than a day and during the daytime) my car has always been garaged. One of the two times I parked outside, I was ticketed for not having a Kingsbrooke Palatine sticker - but was able to defeat this when I took a picture of not only the ticket, but the sticker underneath the windshield (it was fall and leaves fell on my vehicle). I'm still shaking my head...

I hope friends are open to the idea of coming over to my home again.