Latest News

These last few weeks have been massive. King Pear Administrator and Owner, Stewie, has been extremly busy recreating the look of the popular forum. It's retro greys, blues and whites in a skin that is eye catching and profesional.
Designer and active member, Brownie, has also been busy making rank images for each member. This adds authority and respect to important members (not that all of the members aren't important).
A new rank has been made by Stewie for two of our members, mr_rich990 and gibbsyspin. The rank of STS President and Vice-Pesident will be reserved for speacial members who are running the Stick Tennis Smash competition.
    Brownie has created an AFL tipping league for all members of TKP. To join (TKP members only), register at OZTIPS and then get the comp No. and Password from one of the threads in The King Pair.
    Brownie is at it again. He has now made a Herald Sun Super Coach league. All you have to do is (TKP members only), register at The Herald Sun website and then get the league No. from one of the threads on The King Pair forum.
    KING PAIR HAVE DONE IT! THEY COMPLETED THEIR CHALLENGE OF 35 MEMBERS BEFORE THE END IF MARCH! WELL DONE EVERYBODY! Now its just 5 more before King Pair's Member of the Month Competition will be reopened!

That's all for now. Check back soon for regular updates!