Awesome Nicknames

Several Sobriquet for an Astonishing Sportsman


Over the years, Jared has accumulated his share of super-cool nicknames.  This is because he is such a dynamic presence on the football field, people can't help but focus all their thoughts into finding their own special way to own a little peice of their hero with a self-penned nom de plume for Jared.  There is plenty of J-Lo to go around, so and create your own alias for the man?   

J-Lo (and it's variant, J-Load)

The Hefty Lefty

The Round Mound of Touchdown

The Pillsbury Throwboy

The Fat Ass with the Cannon Blast

BBQ (Big Beautiful Quarterback)


Hail Mary, full of pasta

Ben and Jared's

Jared From The Block

HMS Lorenzen

YOUR Suggestions

Ben and Jared's

USS Lorenzen

Jared from the Block


Nicknames for Eli

Ole Limp Wrists
Ole Myth

The Coattail Ridin' QB

The EconoBack

 Dream up a new moniker for our portly pigskin passer?
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