Jared Lorenzen Becomes a Lexington Horseman!

*I will be issuing my thoughts on this awesomeness over the weekend*

Mama, I'm coming home...

Jared Lorenzen signs with the Lexington Horsement Indoor Football Team

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A Glimpse of Greatness...

Once every millenium or so, an athlete comes along who forces us to rethink the games we love.  With basketball, it was Pistol Pete Maravich.  With soccer, it was some guy.  With football, it IS Jared Lorenzen. 

"Jared who?"

 This site is dedicated to introducing you to the real J-Lo; the Super Bowl champion and future Arena Bowl Beastmaster.  Bone up on your Lorenzen history, check out some instense action shots, and discover why Jared should start in the NFL.  Then, share your thoughts with other Lorenzenites on our Message Board.