The Beach Dive Planner for Android is now available from Google Play (a.k.a. the Android Market).

Beach Dive Planner
Beach Dive Planner

Get current marine and weather conditions to plan your beach diving. The Beach Dive Planner app for Android gives you up-to-the-minute marine and weather information so that you can plan when to scuba dive based on current and forecast conditions including sunrise/sunset times, tide info, NOAA buoy data,and more.

What's new in this version:
  1. Buoy data that does not contain wave and wind readings are now shown as missing (--).
  2. Improved "Add Locations" feature adds new locations to the locations preference and also actually works.
  3. Added new launcher icon.
New locations can be added by choosing the Menu, then Add Location, then entering a location name, latitude, longitude and NOAA station ID. Here are some examples:
  • Anchorage, 61.2383, -149.89, 9455920
  • San Francisco, 37.8067, -122.4650, 9414290
  • Los Angeles, 33.7200, -118.272, 9410660
  • Honolulu, 21.3067, -157.867, 1612340
  • Galveston, 29.3100, -94.7933, 8771450
  • Key West, 24.5557, -81.8079, 8724580
  • Cape Hatteras, 35.2233, -75.635, 8654400
  • Bar Harbor, 44.3917, -68.205, 8413320
For a complete list of NOAA station ID's, see the NOAA Tide Predictions web page.
For a complete list of NOAA buoy ID's, see the NOAA National Data Buoy Center web page.

This app replaces the original package which was called the Scuba Dive Planner that was created for a class project in Android Programming at Santa Barbara City College.

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