in Poland that used to be part of Pomerania, a province of Germany. It's near the Baltic sea, and the area has been a battleground for centuries. Maybe that's why the Vahsholtz family is so feisty. They left Zwilipp on the road pictured, and few ever went back.

In 1977 Lou and Melvina Hitzeman set out to trace the Vahsholtz ancestry, and did an amazing job. In 2003, a team of Vahsholtz relatives decided to update their work, resulting in this book. Marge has become chief genealogist, she and Bob edited the Vahsholtz newsletter for years. They also edited and published this book that resulted from the team's effort. There have been 55 pages of updates since.

"Only a few will want copies," they assumed, and set out to print them on an inkjet printer, selling them at cost to family members. After printing about 160 copies and wearing out three printers, they gave up and started getting them commercially reproduced.

A copy (with living relatives extracted) can be downloaded free at If your name is any variation of those on the cover, you're almost certainly a relative--contact Marge and she'll tell you how you fit into the family.

Published 2003, 210 pages, plus foldout charts and connections between about  2,400 Vahsholtz relatives. Currently with all the updates, the number is about 3,500. If you download a copy of the book, you won't find nearly that many in it, but you can contact Marge to get as much detail about your relatives as she has available.