The KUHLMEIERS and the Klinkermans

MARGE'S HOBBY IS GENEALOGY and this book is an example of her work. The gent on the cover is her maternal grandfather who was born on a little Indiana farm having the creek that's also on the cover. The family moved to Kansas and Ed Kuhlmeier never returned to the state of his birth. 
Marge did, seeking to know more about her heritage. 

She and Bob found this creek and found families bearing the Kuhlmeier name, but could not find how they "fit" into the family tree. It took several trips, but Marge found the connection--and made lifelong friends in the process.

This kind of genealogy can be great fun. Bob will attest, as will many other relatives who were "connected" through Marge's efforts.

Only a few copies of this book were printed on an inkjet printer, and sold at cost to relatives involved. Marge has more books under development and urges you--right now--to get out that drawer of old photos, and write the names of the people on the backs. That's how she started.

Published 2008, 202 pages, 8.5 x 11, many color photos and genealogy charts including 30 pages summarizing how thousands of relatives fit together.This book is no longer for sale. If you're a relative, or think you might be, contact Marge at She can probably sort out your relationship, and the information in this book can be made available on disk for those digging into Kuhlmeier history.